Sweet and Salty Apple Chip Trail Mix

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This sweet and salty apple chip trail mix is super delicious and perfect for an active day.  We made it as a Girl Scout troop in Santa Fe, New Mexico and took it as our hiking trail snack to to the Pecos Historical National Park.  It was quite a hit.  I have to confess, the apple chips got picked out first and in the end we were left with a small batch of nuts and pretzels.  This post is sponsored by Seneca Foods but the ideas and opinions are my own.  The featured product is the Apple Chips.

Here is a great question.  Why are apple chips great in a trail mix.  Well, they are yummy AND offer a nutrition twist.  The apple flavor is sort of sweet and sort of sassy which goes great with the saltiness of the nut/pretzel mix.  They are gluten free which is also totally awesome.  I also love that they are crispy in texture.  MIxed with nuts (protein) and pretzels (gluten free of course), they complete an awesome trail mix.

We love all of the different flavors of Seneca Apple Chips!  The girls at whole bags for snacks on the deck overlooking a double mesa in the Pecos National Forrest.

We also carried along several bags to give to people along the way.  The bags with the darling printable tag are a great addition to a tip while out to eat, a person helping with directions and a person taking a group photo.

you can download the printable for free and add your own troop information!


Cheers to Road Trips, Gratitude and Nutrition Crispy Apple Chips!



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