Terra Cotta Pinch Pots for Summertime Crafting

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Terra Cotta Pinch Pots

We have really been enjoying the backyard this summer!  The Colorado weather is so beautiful and inviting.  Sculpey sent me some of their Terra Cotta clay and we got right into it.  With flowers on the bushes and growing wild in the garden; we decided to make some little pinch pots to put them in.  This was my first time working with the Terra Cotta clay and I must confess, I love it.  It is so smooth and softens easily with the heat of a hand.  I love the way we can use Bake Shop clay colors with it to create masterpieces.  This post is sponsored by Sculpey but the ideas and opinions are my own.

What will you need?

You only need clay to make these pinch pots (and an oven to bake it)!

How do you make terra cotta pinch pots?

The first step is to form your pot.  We all did ours differently.  You can form a large ball of clay then push a hole in the middle and sculpt around it.  You can roll the clay into a fat snack and wrap it around to connect then form a bottom.  You can piece together small clay segments too.

Use the Bake Shop clay to form some doodles for decorating your pots.

Place the doodles onto the pots and push them into the Terra Cotta clay to get them ready for baking.

Follow the directions in the Terra Cotta packaging to bake your pots.  When you take them out, let them cool completely before handling them!  Ta Da.  Which one is your favorite.  I personally like the one with the blue/green dots on it.

Clay is a great medium for kids.  It is calming and relaxing to work with.  No matter how they shape and decorate their pinch pot, it is bound to come out a masterpiece.  I cannot wait to do this again with my Girl Scouts.  They love clay and will be super excited to work with the Terra Cotta!

Cheers to kids making things in the summertime and all the time.



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