Tips for Building a Brand

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I am excited about the new year that is right around the corner.  Each year I choose a new word that will guide me through the twelve months in a direction that matches the meaning.  For 2020, my word is dauntless.  I plan to push forward in growing my brand fearlessly and with determination.  Some of my tips for building a brand are ones that I am excited to share. This post is sponsored by Sticker Mule, my favorite go-to-place for **custom** stickers​ and such but the ideas and opinions are my own

Tips for Building a Brand

For starters, building a brand takes two primary things, time and consistency.

When I re-design the artwork each year to add my word of the year, I keep many elements the same.  My LAURA KELLY (two words) stays the same.  The colors stay the same.  The look and feel stays the same.  Every year part of my new designs includes a piece that is black with white polka dots.  This allows the artwork to match the ribbon (black with white polka dots) that I use for gifties and media pieces.  I always write my word of the year in the stem of a flower.  Here are the last two years’ designs.

This year, I LOVE my design.  I already have it on stickers that I ordered from Sticker Mule to get myself ready for SO MUCH GROWTH!

I also ordered the design on packing tape in two different styles.  The square block print is AWESOME on packages.

This design is on the way and I will totally be sharing it on social media when it arrives.  Are you following me on Instagram? 

Building a brand requires making an investment.

It costs money to make money.  Building a brand requires investing in the things that get your company out there in front of people.  I am GIVING YOU $10 to spend on Sticker Mule because I believe in their products and know that they work!  Go.  Go NOW and get something with YOUR branding.

I also throw a fun sticker in every package that I send out.  This is one of the ones that I have ready for next year!

On a side note, Apex, NC is such an awesome place to live.  There is a historic train station in our old fashioned downtown that I painted a while back to create note cards.

I turned the painting into stickers for my favorite downtown merchants and friends.  You can get one at The Rusty Bucket on Salem Street!  Aren’t they so adorable.

This is me and my friend Alexandra from The Hedgehog Hollow on the caboose!

Quoted right from Sticker Mule,

“Free shipping, free online proofs, fast turnaround

Custom stickers are the fastest and easiest way to promote your business, product, or event—and Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy custom stickers.

Order in seconds and we’ll turn any artwork, logo, or photo into beautiful vinyl stickers in 4 days or less. We offer free online proofs, free worldwide shipping and super fast turnaround.”

Hoping you have an amazing rest of the year and an even more awesome 2020!
YAY for Branding with Stickers from Sticker Mule!








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  1. That’s an incredible approach to the new year, aligning your journey with a guiding word like “dauntless” to propel your brand’s growth fearlessly. Sharing tips on brand building is a fantastic way to inspire others on their entrepreneurial paths. It’s excellent to hear about your partnership with Sticker Mule for custom stickers and related items, showcasing your personal preferences while offering valuable insights independently. Your authenticity shines through, and the willingness to share your experiences and tips for brand growth is not only valuable but also commendable. Here’s to a dauntless and prosperous 2020!

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