Stitchable Felt Stocking

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Let’s make a stitchable felt stocking!

Holiday decoration are going up!  It might seem early for some but it is time for me.  Every year I add some new handmade items to our decorations.  This year the first new handmade item is this darling stitchable felt stocking.  I got the stitchable felt a while back and used it to make adorable Halloween ornaments but saved these colors just for this project.  We have a new tiny kitten (GiGi) and this stitchable felt stocking is perfect for kitty size treats.  This post is sponsored by Coats and Clark but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Stitchable Felt Stocking

To make this stitchable felt stocking, you will need the following materials and supplies.

  • Stitchable Felt (Red and Green)
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Needle
  • Burlap
  • Ribbon for Hanger
  • Scissors
  • Yellow Button
  • Fabric Glue
  • Stocking Pattern


Start by folding the red stitchable felt in half, making sure the holes line up.  Pin the pattern to the double layer of red stitchable felt.

Cut around the pattern to get a front and back piece for the stocking.

Cut a triangle from green felt and stitch it to the front of the stocking using cross stitch or any creative stitch that you like.  I like this with green embroidery floss but red might be fun to create ornaments too.  Add a bit of burlap as a trunk with brown embroidery floss.  Stitch a yellow button to the top of your triangle tree to create a star.

Stitch around the outside of the stocking through the matched up holes using red embroidery floss, leaving the top open.

Glue burlap to the inside of the top of the stocking in a ruffled manner.  If there are concerns about the glue adhering the opening shut, add a piece of plastic to keep the front and back from touching while it dries.

Let it dry then glue ribbon in to create a hanger.

Stitchable felt comes in a variety of colors.  They come in  9″ x 12″ perforated felt sheets with 7 holes/inch for needlecrafting and making.  It is super fun for basic stitching projects and also for layering like this stocking project.

YAY for Handmade Christmas Decorations!



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