Ugly Sweater Printable for Halloween

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When one of my kids asks if we can make ugly sweaters for Halloween like we did last Christmas, I say….OF COURSE.  I mean, what a great idea.  This ugly sweater printable for Halloween is super fun as you can see by our garland.  It is quick and simple and super festive…perfect for Craft Lightning Halloween Series.  It is great for kids, adults, classrooms, Girl Scout troops, family time, anything really…


These are my favorites.  Creating them works great with a popcorn mix snack.


You can download the printable right HERE!


There are easy peasy to work with.  Simply print the printable, color, cut and hang!


It is the perfect craft for Craft Lightning…Halloween Edition, don’t you think?


Truth is, I guess it can be used for any holiday.  It makes me think about Mark in Bridet Jones’s Diary and his silly sweaters from his mom.  What???  You haven’t seen that movie.  Go.  Go get it and watch it.  Watch it over and over then we can get together and say all of the funny lines together.

Happy Celebrating all the Things with Ugly (and Super Cute) Sweaters,


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