Upcycle a Wine Crate into a Planter for Strawberries

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Who needs to build a wooden garden structure when they can use a wine crate.

Did you know that most stores that sell wine will either give you the crates or sell them to you for a couple of dollars. I have used them in home decor for book shelves and storage but decided that this one was perfect for a planter. The bunnies eat our strawberries so this will be a way to get them up off the ground.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Wooden Wine Crate
  • Drill
  • Large Rocks
  • Potting Soil
  • Plants (or Seeds)

Directions to Maker a Wine Crate Planter

There are several wine crate sizes. For this one, I chose the largest one I could find.

Step One

Drill holes into the bottom of the wine crate to create a way for excess water to soak through the soil and exit the planter. This will keep the roots from rotting.

Spread the holes out about four to six inches across the entire surface.

Step Two

Add large rocks in the bottom of the crate being careful not to cover the holes. The rocks are another way to help the water soak through and exit.

Step Three

Pour potting soil about three quarters of the way to the top. This leaves space to add the plant once it has been removed from the pot it was in at the store.

Pull the plant out of the pot that it came in and loosen the roots gently then set in to the crate.

Fill with soil around the plant.

Add a fun little plant stake to decorate your wine crate garden. It is even fun to stick an old window in the back.

Fresh Picked Strawberry Recipes

Here are couple of my favorite recipes using freshly picked strawberries. These blondies are delicious and totally gluten free!

Gluten Free Strawberry Blondie Recipe

I also love these strawberries that look like mushrooms on top of brownies as a fun dessert.

Alice in Wonderland Party Strawberry Mushroom Cookies

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