Easy DIY Garden Crafts For Kiddos to Make

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There are so many great ways to get kids gardening too.

Kids like to participate when it comes to decorating the home, the classroom and even the outdoors. The gardens are places filled with so much wonder and magic, especially when you mix in the imagination of a child. From rocks and plant markers to flags and lanterns – there are so many creative ways to include kids in making things to decorate the garden. These are all easy craft ideas for beginners just getting started with many of these products and material

I am super excited to share some of my favorite DIY garden crafts for kiddos that actually are super fun for adults too.

Garden Crafts for Kiddos to Make at Home and School

Painted Rocks for the Garden

Painting rocks is a blast. Often times kids paint rocks to leave in random places, spreading kindness throughout their community. These rocks are intended to use as plant markers in the garden itself. Of course, while painting them it is wise to also create some kindness rocks too. 

Painting Rocks for the Garden With Kids

You can grab tons of information about painting rocks with kids here on the blog.

Guide To Painting Rocks

Clay Bugs

Let’s start with the darling clay bugs for gardening stakes.  They are made with Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay. Clay is such a great medium for creating calm, relaxing and creative crafting. It is also fantastic for building muscles in fingers and tuning fine motor skills.  I shared the full tutorial HERE!

This is one of my favorite garden crafts for kiddos.

Hand Painted Birdhouses

As for birdhouses, they are so fun to paint and decorate.  These are pre-made tiny birdhouses from the craft store painted with acrylic paints. It is fun to add buttons and decorations like ribbon too.  You can read more about them HERE.

Larger hand painted bird houses are a lot of fun too. My Girl Scout troop painted a bunch as a service project to decorate the gardens at at local retirement community and they all came out so fabulous. 

Garden Planning

Planning a garden is a lot of fun.  Be sure to include kids in researching what will grow in your soil and how to layout the plants.  If they are little, they can plant seeds in cups to transfer to the garden.

Garden Crafts For Kiddos Planning the Grid

Fairy Lanterns in Recycled Jars

Lanterns for the garden are a great touch AND the fairies love them.  I shared this tutorial a while back and and you can check it out HERE and get ready to make your own.

Wheel Barrow Fairy Garden

Fairies are the best when it comes to gardens and imagination. Of course, planting fairy garden in a wheelbarrow is a blast.  The great thing about this garden is it can come indoors when it is chilly or be outdoors too.  You can read all about how I created it HERE on the blog with all the details.

Quick and Easy Kid Made Garden Flags

This one is super fun and doesn’t require any sewing. The flags can be made with glue and one of my favorite craft materials, Oly*Fun.

FREE Gardening Printable

Grab this free printable and download it for your kids.

Get in your car and dash to the local craft store to get supplies.  These garden crafts are fun and easy.

Cheers to Garden Crafts For Kiddos!


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