Window Hearts

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Window Hearts

Creating this project with window hearts was not only really fun, but also very empowering.  Seeing all of the stories of the ways that hearts and rainbows in windows in creating connection makes me happy.  It gives me hope.  It reminds me that there are a lot of good humans out there.  I made my project using my Cricut Joy so it was super easy.

Window Hearts Rainbow Art

What Do You Need to Make Window Hearts?

How Do You Make Window Hearts?

I will give you the first step here.  In Cricut Design Space, use the heart shape to lay out the hearts that you plan to cut.  Then trim your smart vinyl to size.

You can watch the rest of the tutorial on my YouTube channel right HERE!


You might want to extend this great idea to be able to designs lots of patterns and plans.  Here are three different printables that you can download FREE and use to create as many heart windows as your heart desires.

Window Hearts Printable Activities Pattern and Coloring

Look what you can do with these adorable FREE printable pages.

For more printables, visit my FREE Printable Library!




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47 thoughts on “Window Hearts”

  1. As I walk around the neighborhood, I am seeing more and more window art. Projects that are done by the kiddos. This would be fun for me to do, even though by kiddos are 48 and 45!!! Staying home, crafting and being safe. Thanks for this.. take care and keep the fun coming!

  2. I am trying to spread joy, by working with my kids to put things in the windows and do some sidewalk art.

  3. This heart window is lovely. Will be perfect for the front window so people can see it as they walk by and know we are sending them our love and prayers. I have been face timing with my niece so we both get some cheer and smiles.

  4. I try to be positive and help others when I can. This could be giving a compliment or picking up some groceries for a friend. Thanks for the fun giveaway. I really enjoy your site!

  5. I raise amazing, brilliant, well adjusted homeschooled kids who go out into the world spreading joy, love, creativity, and positivity! =)
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway! =)

  6. I have been phoning my shut in friends to try to cheer their days and have been keeping in touch with members of our family to see the everyone is following the Covid-19 rules of distancing and staying at home.

  7. With so much uncertainty at this time, keeping in touch with friends and family is a priority. I’ve been making homemade cards to send to my students, friends and family. As I write short messages or long letters it grounds me, making my heart happy.

  8. We spread joy andl ove currently by delivering supplies to our neighbors who are unable to get out!!!

  9. I spread happy and joy around the world by gifting a lot of things that I don’t use we all have a group of different locations in our town and we gift things that we no longer need or just simply bought and have extra, so others can enjoy it and have love for that item or whether it be food or gift cards etc.

  10. We just sent birthday cards to classmates that are missing celebrating birthdays at school. Hoping that gives them joy!

  11. I have been seeing this idea all over FB and I love it! I am going to do it this weekend. I think right now people need to see happy, uplifting images. I know as soon as I saw something like this in people’s windows I would just smile. I am part of a Pay It Forward group on Facebook and I take part wherever I can.

  12. We always make treat and special things to give to other people. Whether it be the kids making stuff for grandma and grandpa to friends, to our elderly neighbors–just to see them smile.

  13. I have been making face masks for our local hospitals. Gives me joy and I hope joy to the medical heros.

  14. Oops, ok, we spread and happy and joy by smiling when we have to go out. We also love creating music videos and photography composites.

  15. I make it a point to thank veterans for their service or offer compliments to strangers to brighten their day

  16. I spread joy by putting signs in my student’s yard letting them know I think they are awesome and I miss them. Thanks to my Cricut I was able to do these to hold up outside.

  17. Love the window hearts!
    I am trying to coordinate with a couple of people locally with getting grocery items we need. My neighbor was able to pick up a few items for me along with her shopping, and I will return the favor by looking for a couple of her items she has not been able to find when I shop. It seems too all be in the timing of when we can find the right items on the shelves!

  18. I try to keep in contact with my friends to let them know that I am thinking of them. I think a smile goes a long way to others as well.

  19. I am keeping in contact with my friends across the city and country to make sure they know we are all in this together

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