10 Best Pantry Organizing Tips and Ideas

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10 Best Pantry Organizing Tips and Ideas

I am excited to share two things here with you — my 10 Best Pantry Organizing Tips and Ideas AND the greatest way to label baskets.  This room doubles for me as a laundry room/pantry so getting it organized really made a ginormous difference.  I actually love it so much that now I leave the door open to it most of the time.  This post is sponsored by Xyron as they provided me with the Creative Station used to make the labels for the baskets.

How to Organize Your Pantry #organized #pantry #diy

First things first, the Tips and Ideas!

The pantry is one of the busiest places in most homes and often the messiest.  Here are some ideas to help get it in ship-shape condition and be able to keep it that way.  It might require that you take EVERYTHING out and clean it first–then put things back in an organized fashion.

  1. Use good shelves.  If necessary, install new ones.
  2. Make use of all of your wall space.  The tall wire shelves are great for canned goods.
  3. Organized in baskets by like items.
  4. Put things seldom used on the top shelves, or in the garage!
  5. Place kid friendly things within reach such as snacks and drinks.
  6. LABEL all the things!  It helps everyone know where things go.
  7. Use containers for items like flour, sugar, cereal, etc. instead of the boxes and packaging.
  8. Buy only what you plan to use so as to not overstock unnecessary items.
  9. Put cleaning supplies and things that are not edible in another location.
  10. Once a week, tidy it up and keep it organized.

Best Pantry Organizing Tips # 6 Let’s Make Labels

To make the hanging tag labels, you will need the following supplies and materials:

Start by Cutting out the words and running them through the Creative Station with the Permanent Adhesive Cartridge.  This will get the backs covered with stick.

Mount the words to a decorative card stock that matches your decor!

Cut them apart again.  Change your cartridge in the Creative Station to the Double Laminate.  It is so easy to change out.  Just open and pull one out and put the other one in.

Run the card stock through again.

Cut them apart and punch holes in the top middles.

Tie them to the baskets!  Bam!  Organized and it feels so good!  This is what it looked like before labels.  I just couldn’t tell what I put in the baskets without pulling them all down.  This was in my story on Instagram.

MORE Organizing Ideas

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Cheers to Making Things, Being Organized and Of Course, ALL the Baking Supplies Being Handy.







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