BEST Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers

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Vinyl Stickers are a GREAT way to customize and personalize ALL the things!

There is just something about Vinyl Stickers that makes me smile! If you’re like me, you have some favorites that you have been saving for just the right place to put them! I feel like this is kind of like saving an awesome outfit for the perfect day, but then you end up growing out of it, or even forgetting it’s there! It’s time to display those amazing stickers that make you happy. So today I’m sharing the BEST Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers!

If you are looking to build your sticker collection, you can find the stickers pictured and many more in my shop!

Best Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers Laura Kelly Designs

Vinyl Stickers for Spreading Kindness

When we head out on trips (or errands) – it is normal to be packing vinyl stickers in goody bags to leave around for others to find. On a recent trip to Universal Studios, I left these random stickers around the Wizarding World. All of the Harry Potter stickers are in my online store.

I often times have stickers to give to my baristas, bartenders, servers and check out peoples at the stores. This BUT FIRST COFFEE is always a hit in the Starbucks crowd.

Vinyl Stickers for Expression

Coving the backside of a clipboard is an excellent idea. This one is covered with all of MY NEW SOUTHERN sayings stickers! I LOVE them and love the clipboard so much more with them all over it! Grab the SOUTHERN SAYINGS in the online store too!

I also have them ALL over my planners. I save them from year to year so have an awesome collection!

Vinyl Stickers are fantastic on a cooler! This little ones goes with us on the road so we LOVE to cover it with places we have been and things that make us happy!

I have vinyl stickers all over my laptop cover too! I think most everyone I know has stickers on their laptops too!

Another super popular way to display Vinyl Stickers is on a Travel Mug or a Water Bottle! The great thing about my vinyl stickers are that they are waterproof and weatherproof, so they’ll hold of to multiple washes! Although, it’s always advised to hand wash anything that you’ve decorated with vinyl stickers. Just in case. Grab the Teacher Tribe sticker over on Shop Laura Kelly!

Vinyl Stickers for BRANDING!

I LOVE putting vinyl stickers in all outgoing happy mail. Each year I watercolor paint my word of the year and frame it. I have them up on my studio wall. I take that artwork and use it to create marketing materials like business cards AND vinyl stickers. This is my most fun way to brand my company.

Another super fun branding idea with vinyl stickers is to put them on goody bags or drink pouches at a gathering. I did these for my husband’s company – Froggy’s Lair. We created a cocktail called Froggy Juice for a big event.

Best Ways to Use Vinyl Sticker Laura Kelly Designs

MORE Best Ways To Use Vinyl Stickers

Here are some more really fun and unexpected ways to use vinyl stickers that I’m excited to share with you! Check them out and be inspired!

-Add one to a blank mug! Depending on the sticker you use, it would make such a fun Teacher Appreciation Gift. Add some yummy candies to the inside, maybe a gift card, and you’ve got a great way to say “Thank you!” to someone special!

– Add one to a Clear Acrylic or Glass Container or Frame! Show a little of your personality to a pencil cup, or makeup brush display. How fun is that bottle of sprinkles? You could either use it as a decoration or as a gift for a friend!

– Put one or several on the outside of a favorite bucket or candy dish! What better way to show off those fun stickers than on a cute container that is holding a bunch of delicious candies?!

– Place some on the outside of your planner. This would be a great place to collect stickers of places you’ve visited during that year.

– Send one to a friend in a letter. Everybody loves to get snail mail, especially when the box is usually filled with bills and junk mail. Brighten someone’s day by sending them a vinyl sticker that you think would make them smile!

Sharing is Caring! Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Best Ways to Use Vinyl Sticker Laura Kelly Designs

I would really love to hear what you think about these vinyl sticker ideas! If you try it out, I would sure like to see it! Share on InstagramFacebook, or leave a comment/photo on the project pin on Pinterest! #LauraKellyDesigns

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