Felt On Wood Sunshine Wall Decor

Felt on Wood Sunshine Decor Craft Easy To Make Target Blank #felt #sunshine #craft #homedecor

Adding felt to a wood wall hanging is a great way to create stylish home decor. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions Start by painting the base of the wooden shape, If there are parts that will eventually be covered with felt, they do not need to be painted. Next, create a pattern for the parts that are to be covered by pressing a piece of paper down over the grooves …

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How to Make a DIY Rosemary Wreath

Create a beautiful and fragrant wreath from fresh cut rosemary. This DIY Rosemary Wreath is not only stunning but also smells fabulous. The aroma of fresh cut rosemary Fun fact! Rosemary wreath making dates as far back as 500 B.C. at the time the Greeks and Romans also used the herb for medical needs and and culinary flavor. These hearty evergreen plants are also used for their aromatherapy properties. The …

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Upcycled Spools DIY Rainbow Decor

Create beautiful rainbow decor using upcycled spools and colored twine. Decorating is so wonderful when using items that have personal meaning like spools found during a great antiquing trip with a best friend. These spools were some of many purchased in a giant antique mason jar. With the addition of the fabulous colors of twine from Hemptique, they turned into beautiful diy rainbow decor. This is one of my favorite …

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