DIY Clay Charms

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Crete darling charms in any theme you love most.

These DIY clay charms are a great way to make a very unique and personal gift.  I love working with Sculpey clay because it it not only fun but creates such awesome masterpieces.  Whether you use special clay tools or your fingers and a hard surface, you can make the most darling little things.  I am excited to show you four little charm collections that are great for springtime celebrations.  This post is sponsored by Sculpey but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Sculpey Bake Shop Clay
  • Clay Tools
  • Clay Work Mat
  • Cookie Sheet and Oven for Baking
  • Jump Rings

Directions to Make Clay Charms

Step One

Soften clay by rolling gently in hands. Roll out using a clay tool.

Step Two

Cut out a shape with a cutter or hand form one.

Step Three

Add details with other colors of clay.

Step Four

Stick an eye screw in the top of the charm.

Step Five

Bake according to the directions in the package. Set the oven to 275 degrees then bake according to clay thickness.

Step Six

Once out of the oven and cooled, add a top coat (matte is my preference) if desired.

Girl Scouts Themes Clay Charms

Girl Scouts has lots happening in the spring.  From bridging and camping to appreciating leaders and volunteers, there are tons of charms that could be made.  I love these three.  Rainbows are often associated with bridging.  S’mores are a camping tradition.  The Samoa cookie is a Girl Scout icon symbolizing all that embodies cookie sales.  From goal setting and marketing to selling and finances, girls learn SO much during cookie season.  These three charms would be so darling all together on a bracelet.

I totally crush on s’more because we make them ALL THE TIME.  We are headed to the mountains as a troop this weekend and will be making them as soon as it gets dark.   I know my co-leader would LOVE this charm so I think I will give it to her.  <3

The rainbow is so fun because it uses all the colors.  Rainbows and bridging go together like the promise and the law.

Let’s talk Teacher Appreciation.  It is coming up super soon all over the country.  These three little charms are a great little collection to make for the teachers you love.

Directions to Make DIY Clay Charms for Back to School

  • To make the apple, I rolled a tiny ball then formed it into an apple.  I added a little brown stem and green leaf.
  • To make the pencil, I rolled a little yellow “snake” on a hard surface then cut it with a clay knife.  I did the same thing with the pin to make the eraser then added it and a point on the other end.
  • To make the coffee cup (all teachers drink coffee, right?), I rolled a little white ball and formed a cup. Add a little white handle.  The roll a tiny brown ball then smashed it flat and added it to the top.  I added a tiny hand formed red heart to the front.

Cinco De Mayo is May 5th and a great time for celebrating.  The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on this day in 1862.  It is now celebrated in may ways in the United States by not only our amazing Mexican population but also by many others.  Celebrating special events and days with kids helps them understand that when fabulous things take place, they are remember for years to come.

Make Clay Cinco De Mayo Charms

  • To make the taco, I rolled a medium sized light brown ball then smashed it flat and folded it. I added little hand formed pieces of dark brown, red, orange and green for the insides.
  • To make the sombrero, I rolled a tan ball and formed the top part.  I rolled a larger tan ball and smashed it flat then formed the bottom and added the top. I used red, green and yellow to decorate the sombrero.
  • To make the chili pepper, I rolled a thick red “snake” then hand formed it into a pepper shape.  I added green to the top and formed it with my hands.

I love the chili pepper because it reminds me of my best friend Lisa’s kitchen from the early 90’s.  It was ALL ABOUT the chili peppers.

The taco is super fun to make too.  There is something awesome about folding clay and filling it (kind of like filling a real live taco!)  This one makes me think of my friend Rina.  She loves tacos.

So, stock up on some Sculpey III clay and get to making.

Cheers to Clay, Teachers, Moms and Girl Scouts,


PS….One more time!

Ten Reasons to Craft

I am going to say this again.  Crafting is just a great idea.  It is proven that crafting can be really good for mental and emotional health.  Studies show that making and crafting can lower anxiety.  Another benefit to crafting is that it creates connection.  When we make things and give them to others, we spread kindness and love.  Here are my top ten reasons to craft with kids, and I mean kids of all ages.

  1. Mental Health Benefits – Crafting puts me in a good mood.
  2. Self Expression – Crafting allows me to express myself.
  3. Education and Growth – I learn new skills by making things.
  4. Connection – Crafting connects me others through workshops, classes and gifting.
  5. Decor – Through making and crafting, I can totally customize every aspect of my decor.
  6. Gift Giving – Gifts is totally my love language.  I love to make handmade gifts.
  7. Offline Time – Crafting keeps me off of my phone and social media. We all know this can be beneficial.
  8. Income – Because I craft and sell items that I make, I have an additional income source.
  9. Fun – I like to have fun and to me, making things is fun.
  10. Socializing – Attending events where crafting is a part gets me out and around others with like minds.

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