How to Make Dr. Seuss Cupcake Things One and Two

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 How to Make Dr. Seuss Cupcake Things One and Two

Celebrating all things Cat in the Hat is easy with Dr. Seuss Cupcake Things One and Two from the popular book The Cat in the Hat. They are super fun to bake in jars and I am here to give you all of the tips and tricks so your cupcakes come out fabulous.

Dr Seuss Thing Cupcakes in Jars and Free Printables

Ingredients and Supplies Needed

Here is a list of the things I used to make my Dr. Seuss Things cupcakes.


Start by making the cupcake batter.  Add the red food coloring to the batter, using the recipe on the box mix.

Next, fill the jars about half way.  The cake will RISE A LOT!

Bake the jars for about 35-42 minutes.  Check them with a long toothpick to make sure they are done in the centers. Once they are out of the oven, let them cool for at least an hour before taking the next step.  Once they are cool, add frosting to a little over the rim of the jar.  Then add two candy eyes.

The last step to completing the edible part of the Things cupcakes in jars is to add a tuft of cotton candy for their wild crazy hair.

Decorating the Jar

To really make the Dr. Seuss Things come to life, add the decorations to the jar. Print the free Thing circles (and the bookmark too) then adhere them to the jar.

Dr. Seuss FREE Printable for Things One and Two

Regular Cupcakes

If you prefer to bake regular cupcakes, that works too. I suggest using the tall cupcake pan.  It is my favorite. It is actually called the Jumbo Muffin Pan and you can get it from Amazon with my affiliate link.

Here are a couple of other ways that I have used the Jumbo Muffin Pan:

Print the circles and cut them out then adhere to red card stock for this option.

Cut out around the circles leaving about a 1/4 inch of red then adhere the circles to the outside of the jars. Tape them to paper straws and put them in the cupcakes.

FREE Dr. Seuss Printable Word Search

Dr. Seuss wrote so many fabulous books that are timeless.  I loved using them to help teach my kids to read, both at home and in my classroom.   The rhyming words are my favorites. I whipped up a super simple Cat in the Hat word search for early readers and younger children. You can download it FREE and solve it while you eat the adorable Dr. Seuss Cupcake Things cupcakes.

Cat in the Hat Word Search Puzzle Free Printable

Four Great Dr. Seuss Book Facts

  1. In the book “If I Ran the Zoo,” published in 1950, there is the first recorded use of the word “nerd.”
  2. Yertle in the book “Yertle the Turtle” is a representation of Hitler. He is king of his pond but it isn’t enough. He wants it all. Read it through this perspective and see for yourself.
  3. Dr. Seuss’s first published book was And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street .  It was published in 1937.
  4. The most popular book by Dr. Seuss is “Green Eggs and Ham”! Here is a photo of me from Universal Studios in front of the Green Eggs and Ham restaurant.

Green Eggs and Ham Restaurant

MORE Dr. Seuss FUN!

A book that I love by Dr. Seuss is My Many Colored Days because it helps kids of all ages (even adults) learn to deal with their feelings. There is a post here on the blog with a free printable book and ways to use the book to teach kids about colors and feelings.

My Many Colored Days Dr. Seuss FREE Printable

My friend Beth blogs over at Creatively Beth and she is sharing this adorable DIY craft project.  We took the photo of the pencil toppers while were visiting Universal Studios together. You can get all of the details about these darling Things over on her blog along with tons of other fantastic creative inspiration.

Happy Celebrating All Things Dr. Seuss!


PS: This post contains affiliate links.  I am so grateful when you shop using the links in my blog because it is part of the way this career is one that earns an income.


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