EEEK – Four Spider Projects (and Treats) for Kids

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Updating this to make it FIVE because I just created a NEW spider craft project.  So, here are not four but FIVE spider projects that kids are sure to find creepy and fun.  I personally am not a huge fan of real spiders but pretend ones…I love!  Whether you have a kid who loves to paint canvases, whip up sweet treats, make dress up stuff or create gifts; there is a something here for you to share.  The directions for the four NEW projects this year are in this post.  Links to the other projects follow!  I know……eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

How cute are these cookies?  You can get all of the details on them RIGHT HERE on the bloggity blog and the free printable tags too!

FREE Spider Tag Printable

Let’s start with this spider concoction of a drink.  Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass.  Fill with root beer.  Place candy spider web on top and a plastic spider in a straw through the web.

It is a Spider Beer Float!  The hardest part is making the candy spider webs for the top.  I created a web pattern to help you out.  Lay the pattern UNDER parchment paper then pipe melted Wilton candy melts from a cut corner of a sandwich bag over the pattern.

Okay, now let’s practice painting with this spider canvas.  It takes about an hour from start to finish and is easy enough for kids ages 6 and up to paint.  You will need paint in the following colors: black, silver, white, orange, purple and green.  I used DecoArt’s mutli-surface paints.

Paint a black spider with tiny accents of silver.

Add silver dots.

Add white eyes.

Add purple shoes and an orange background and let it dry for a bit.

Add white dots on the background.

Add green in the white dots while the paint is still wet.  It will mix a little and that is okay!  Ta Da!

Next up, let’s make some spider headbands.

For each one you will need a Styrofoam ball (spray painted black), two giant google eyes,  eight 6 inch black pipe cleaners and a plastic headband.  Make sure your spray paint is TOTALLY dry before taking the next step.

Use hot glue to add google eyes.

Stick the pipe cleaners in the sides of the ball.  Then glue the balls to the headbands with hot glue.

Ta Da!

Oh wait,  I have one more new one for this year!  Make darling felt spider “poppers” to fill with candy.  I used a sizzix die (Treat Popper) to cut out black Kunin basic felt bases then glued them together with felt glue.  I added white and black felt eyes then filled with candy and tied shut on the ends with ribbons.  Ta Da!

Here are links to some of the other spider projects and recipes that I love most.

And the FIFTH and newest spider craft…

How to Create Cross Stitch Halloween Ornaments on Stitchable Felt

YAY for Halloween and Eight Legged Creatures!


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