Halloween Card Making with Button Pumpkins

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Let’s male darling button pumpkin cards!

Buttons make crafting so much fun. I love them for sewing and stitching but also think that they are great for gluing on to paper crafts and cards. Let’s do a little Halloween Card Making with Button Pumpkins to create a darling way to send some kindness in the mail. Kindness notes are always a super great idea because no message means quite as much as one written by hand.

_with Button Pumpkins DIY

Materials Needed for Halloween Card Making with Button Pumpkins 

Directions for Halloween Card Making with Button Pumpkins 

Step One

Glue your buttons in a row on the card stock note front using the Therm-O-Web Clear Adhesive Zots.

Step Two

Use brown and green markers to add stems and vines which will turn the buttons in to pumpkins.

Step Three

Print the Halloween Messages and choose one to cut out for your card.  

Cut it out close to the black line and add it to the card using the tape runner. The message can be printed on a colored card stock or white and then colored.

Step Four

Add washi tape to your card to add a finishing touch.

Isn’t is the cutest little card.

Orange Button Pumpkin Card Handmade

You can decorate the envelope too with the same directions. This would be great if you were planning to give the card to someone in person but not recommended for sending in the mail.

Six Halloween Crafts By Laura Kelly

I am excited to share six Halloween crafts that I created for you.  They are all simple, fun and great to do with kids or beginning crafters. If you try them, be sure to tag me on social media and let me know. I can be found just about everywhere at @laurakellydesigns !

Best Ideas for Halloween Crafts Last Minute Kid Projects #halloweenparty #kidcraft

Paint Chip Halloween Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns – These Paint Chip Halloween Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns are so dang cute and simple to make. I think these are perfect for Halloween classroom party craft because they can be done quickly with very little mess

Black Cat Gingerbread Cookies  These black cat gingerbread cookies are made from a box of cake mix. They are adorable and perfect for a classroom Halloween party cookie.

You’ve Been Boo’d Tags and Gift Ideas – These tags are free to download here on the blog. They are great tags for putting with non-candy Trick-Or-Treat goodies or bags of gifties to boo the neighbors.

Pom-Pom BatsMaking these pom-pom bats is fast and fun with the tool that I share in the blog post with all of the deets.

Halloween Clay PinsUsing Sculpey Bake Shop, you can make tons of fun Halloween pins. Find out how!

Hello Pumpkin Gift Tags and String ArtThe tags are free to download and the post shares ways to use them!

Of course there are bazillions of Halloween ideas all over this blog. Just search and see what else you might find that you want to try making, baking and creating.

Five Reasons to Papercraft

I think that paper crafting is such a great idea for so many reasons.  Here are my top five to share with you.

  1. Paper crafting promotes creativity.
  2. Making things with paper can be therapy. It can be a form of expression in times when verbal communication is difficult.
  3. Crafting with paper tends to be a little less expensive than some other types of crafting.
  4. Decorations made with paper are lightweight and easy to hang.
  5. Cards are made with paper and handmade cards being sent in the mail is always a fantastic idea.

My Favorite Paper Craft Supplies

I put together a list of my must-have Paper Crafting Supplies.  These alone will create endless number of projects and activities.


If you like this fun handmade card idea, you might like these too. This darling card uses one of my papers I designed for Therm-O-Web and one of my stamps too. The tape runner is great for adding paper inside the envelope to create an adorable liner.

The stamps are fun to use with a black permanent ink because then the insides can be water colored. Grab all of the details for doing this and make some of your own.

If you want to make a whole card creating station, grab the details here on the blog and get started.




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18 thoughts on “Halloween Card Making with Button Pumpkins”

  1. I love that I can make costumes for my whole family to fit a theme at the moment. We were Avengers last year (babies in tutu dresses for Capt. America and Iron Man) and this year my first grader is Wolverine, I am Rogue, the hubtastic is Gambit, and the twins are Jubilee and Kitty Pride.

  2. I enjoyed your Button making pumpkins. I know some kids that would love doing this as a project for Halloween cards…

  3. FUN card – thank you for the crafty inspiration and the chance to win!!!
    I love that come Halloween, EVERYONE makes the effort to have FUN … make you wish that we could enjoy it all year 🙂

  4. Wow, love these awesome ideas with the buttons. Fall is my favorite time of year, the colors and beauty. I love to make Halloween cards and craft projects. These would make a great addition. My 5 yr old son also loves to craft with me and his favorite color is orange, so these buttons would make us both happy. 🙂

  5. I love this idea using orange buttons for pumpkins, I love designing t-shirts and this would look good on a t-shirt as well. Of course you would have to use fabric glue instead of glue dots and black and white dot material instead of the black and white tape and fabric paint instead of sharpie but I think it would turn out great too! Try it out sometime.

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