Pom-Pom Bats for Halloween Fun

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Making pom pom decor is so simple and adorable

I am crushing hard on these pom-pom bats for Halloween fun of all kinds. They are a little bit spooky and whole lot cute.  Pom-pom bats are great to decorate party favors, pumpkins and mantles.  The best part about this project is that you can make ALL FOUR pom-poms at the same time with Red Heart’s Pom-Pom tool.  How amazing and awesome is that?  My favorite bats are the ones with the black and white polka-dotted wings. If you know me then that comes with a zero surprise factor.  These bats are made with Red Heart yarn too.  I barely put a tiny dent in the skein so am thinking I could really make hundreds of bats if I wanted them, which I might!  This post is sponsored by Red Heart Yarn but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Materials and Supplies Needed

Okay, let’s get the supply list ready.  You will need the following to make the bats.

Directions for Pom Pom Bats for Halloween

Step One

Start by assembling the Red Heart Pom-Pom Maker.  It is super easy.  Place 4 pieces of yarn in the make, each 4 spaces apart.  The pieces of yarn should be between 8-10 inches in length.

Step Two

Wrap yarn around the two plastic pup up pieces, 50-70 times, depending on how full you want your pom-poms.  Tie the 4 pieces of yarn that are in the bottom of the maker around the wrapped yarn in tight knots.

Step Three

Cut in the middle between each tied piece of yarn to get your four pom-poms.  AMAZING, right?  FOUR at one Time!!!

Trim the pom poms if desired. 

Step Four

 Cut out wings from fabric and glue felt to the back to reinforce.

Use hot glue to assemble.

Pom-Pom Bats Assembled

Step Five

Turn the bats into a garland by gluing them to ribbon.

Pom-Pom Bats Garland

Attach the ribbon to a pumpkin to create a darling decoration.

Pom-Pom Bats on Pumpkin

Glue pom-pom bats to boxes to create darling party favors (filled with candy of course)!

Another super fun Halloween craft that you could make with this Red Heart Pom-Pom Maker is this adorable pumpkin wreath!

YAY for all things pom-poms!!!

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7 thoughts on “Pom-Pom Bats for Halloween Fun”

  1. These bats are super cute, and my Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors would have a batty-good time making them!

  2. This is awesome! This would be so helpful during Girl Scout cookie season to make booth decorations! I can also see this being a cute service project making little buddies for kids in the hospital or something.

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