Heart Shaped Clay Tokens

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Create heart shaped clay tokens (SWAPS) to celebrate friendships or use for pocket hugs.

These are perfect for Girl Scouts and using as an awesome SWAPS project. They can be made while camping, dry overnight and be painted the next day. They could also be started one week at a meeting then finished the next. It is fun to make them at each stage of scouting and collect through the years too. Air-Dry clay is such a fun medium for creating and sure to be loved by all.

Materials and Supplies Needed


Start by splitting clay up into smaller pieces. Store smaller pieces in air-tight bags until ready for use. This project works good with a cardboard work surface which is a great excuse to recycle cereal boxes or the backs of memo pads.

Step One

Roll the smaller piece of clay into a flat smooth surface about 1/8 inch thick.

Step Two

Use the cutter to cut out hearts from the slab of rolled clay. If there is extra clay, gather it up and roll it back out to make more. If the edges are rough, use a wet finger or wet paintbrush to smooth the surfaces.

The detail tools can be used to add texture to the hearts. This is a good thing to offer for older girls.

Step Three

Let the clay hearts dry overnight. They need to be completely hardened and dry before painting.

Step Four

Paint the hearts. This is a fun time to mix in a little white paint with the solid colors. Dip the brush in the color then a tiny bit in the white before brushing on.

Step Five

Once the paint is dry, a sealant can be applied to keep the paint from chipping. Additionally, a sharpie marker can be used to add names, troop numbers, years or kindness messages.

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