How to Use Sculpey Mold Maker to Duplicate a Skeleton Key into Jewelry

Duplicate a Skeleton Key with a Mold

Create a mold to duplicate vintage keys and other small items. This new product from Sculpey is AMAZING. I have a set of skeleton keys that date way back in my family. My great grandfather, Samuel Beadle, owned a general store with 6 motel rooms on the second floor. My mom grew up playing hide-and-go-seek in the store and motel with her cousins. I have heard endless stories of travelers …

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DIY Taylor Swift Inspired Girl Scout Craft

Make Clay Beads Like Taylor Swift Friendship Bracelets for Decor

Create any size of flat round clay beads to make darling beads to spell out words from the Girl Scout Promise and Law There are so many great words in the Girl Scout promise and the law. Use the free printables below for ideas and support when doing this crafty project! Materials and Supplies to Make Beads Directions to Make Taylor Swift Friendship Beads NOTE – If you want the …

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DIY Taylor Swift Valentine Box With Clay Friendship Beads

Taylor Swift Clay Friendship Beads Air Dry

Create any size of flat round clay beads to make darling Taylor Swift friendship bead decor for Valentines Day Boxes and Decorations Decorating gifts, boxes and tags is such a blast when it gets themed to match a friend’s passion. I have a friend who is a TOTAL Swiftie so I made this for her for Valentine’s Day! I can’t wait to share with you how I did it because …

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Polymer Clay Christmas Garland

Clay Christmas Tree Garland Craft

Use Original Sculpey Clay to create a Christmas or seasonal garland in any shape. Sculpey Original Clay is great because not only is it super easy to work with but it works great once baked and cooled for painting. Because it bakes in about fifteen minutes and cools rather quickly, this is a project that can be done in one sitting so works well with groups including kids. Materials and …

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How to Make Clay Bead Bracelets

How to Make a Bracelet with Clay Beads

Design your own clay bead bracelets to match all of your favorite outfits. Making Beads is so easy and fun with polymer clay. Premo is a great clay choice for jewelry and comes in a ton of gorgeous colors. This version is a beautiful DIY Christmas bracelet that would be fitting for everything from a fashionable outfit to an ugly sweater party. Materials and Supplies These are the supplies and …

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Halloween Kid Craft DIY Clay Erasers

Sculpey Bake Shop Kid Craft Halloween Erasers

Use Sculpey Bake Shop Eraser Clay to create a darling Halloween Kid Craft! Sculpey Bake Shop Eraser Clay is a super pliable and easy to mold material which makes is perfect for kids or beginners who want to create holiday (and everyday) projects to celebrate the seasons. This is a great craft to do with a group of kids in a classroom, at a party or in a troop meeting. …

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DIY Paper and Clay Zipper Pulls

Paper and Clay Zipper Pull DIY

Create darling zipper pull accessories with paper and Liquid Sculpey! Materials and Supplies Needed Instructions Start by deciding what image or design you want to create. If you need to sketch it first with pencil, that is totally okay. I just went for it with the permanent markers. Step One Create a design (to scale) for the zipper pull you want to make. Use permanent markers on a thick watercolor …

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DIY Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings

Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings DIY

Use a mini cookie cutter to create darling earrings from polymer clay like these DIY Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings. Luna Lovegood is my FAVORITE Harry Potter character from both the Harry Potter books and movies. I love everything magical from the wizarding world, especially creating projects that remind me of my favorite characters and parts of the stories. Materials and Supplies Needed Directions Start by conditioning your clay. To do …

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DIY Mushroom Clay Earrings from Cookie Cutter

DIY Clay Mushroom Earrings

Create adorable earrings with Sculpey clay and a cookie cutter. The best thing about this project is that you can create any shape or size of earrings with Sculpey clay and the cookie cutter you have in your collection. There are so many options and ways to use this technique to make not just earrings but also charms for necklaces and bracelets. Materials and Supplies Needed The materials and supplies …

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Air Dry Clay Pen Holder

Air Dry Clay Pen Holder Painted

Create a darling air dry clay pen holder in any shape or size with Sculpey Air-Dry. These darling pen holders can be made in any size or shape, depending on what pens or markers they are going to be used for. It is so much fun to work with the clay and then feels like a magical painting surface once dried. This is a great craft activity for back-to-school or …

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