How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters

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Teacher Appreciation Posters made with Kwik Stix are a great way to show gratitude and spread love.

These posters and BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are just in time for that special week that happens once a year.  You know, the week when kiddos bring in things for their teachers to show them how loved they are.  I taught school AND I have four kiddos so I get this celebration from the inside out. Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip Company are amazing for so many reasons and PERFECT for making these posters.

Materials and Supplies Needed


Start by deciding how big the posters should be. For example, if a small child is making the poster, it makes more sense to make a smaller poster if they are working on a table. If an older child or adult is the artist, larger posters are more easily doable as their arms can reach the entire standard poster board piece.

Step One

Sketch the idea/design in a smaller piece of paper to get a feel for what is going to fit and placement of designs.

Step Two (Optional)

Pencil the design on the poster board. This is a GREAT idea of a way for older kids or grown ups to help younger kids who are trying to add a written message to their poster.

Step Three

Use the Kwik Stix paints to add the colorful design. For this set of posters, we used the Thin Stix (24 Pack of Vibrant Colors) from Beyond the Blackboard, one of our favorite toy stores. We always suggest shopping local whenever you can. Kwik Stix Thin Stix have all the same qualities and features of Kwik Stix, but a thinner tube for better detail and a different grip.

It is a fun idea to use the black Kwik Stix paint stick to create a border around the outside of the poster, framing it.

Step Four

Punch two hole at the top of the poster then tie a piece of yarn, ribbon or string through it to create a hanger.

Add a bunch of ribbons, torn fabric or yarn in a knot to the hanger to add a pop of dimension and color.

It is really fun to have all of the kids in the class sign the posters too!

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