How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters

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Teacher Appreciation Posters made with Kwik Stix are a great way to show gratitude and spread love.

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And now for the amazing poster project…

These posters and BRIGHT happy teacher appreciation gifts are just in time for that special week that happens once a year.  You know, the week when kiddos bring in things for their teachers to show them how loved they are.  I taught school AND I have four kiddos so I get this celebration from the inside out. Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip Company are amazing for so many reasons and PERFECT for making these posters.

Materials and Supplies Needed


Start by deciding how big the posters should be. For example, if a small child is making the poster, it makes more sense to make a smaller poster if they are working on a table. If an older child or adult is the artist, larger posters are more easily doable as their arms can reach the entire standard poster board piece.

Step One

Sketch the idea/design in a smaller piece of paper to get a feel for what is going to fit and placement of designs.

Step Two (Optional)

Pencil the design on the poster board. This is a GREAT idea of a way for older kids or grown ups to help younger kids who are trying to add a written message to their poster.

Step Three

Use the Kwik Stix paints to add the colorful design. For this set of posters, we used the Thin Stix (24 Pack of Vibrant Colors) from Beyond the Blackboard, one of our favorite toy stores. We always suggest shopping local whenever you can. Kwik Stix Thin Stix have all the same qualities and features of Kwik Stix, but a thinner tube for better detail and a different grip.

It is a fun idea to use the black Kwik Stix paint stick to create a border around the outside of the poster, framing it.

Step Four

Punch two hole at the top of the poster then tie a piece of yarn, ribbon or string through it to create a hanger.

Add a bunch of ribbons, torn fabric or yarn in a knot to the hanger to add a pop of dimension and color.

It is really fun to have all of the kids in the class sign the posters too!


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35 thoughts on “How to Make Teacher Appreciation Posters”

  1. I would give this card to my fabulous aide Brandi. We work hard in Kindergarten. She works just as hard with little pay to reflect it!

  2. My son’s teacher because he has made a big impact on my son this year. He cares about his students beyond education. My son has developed a newfound passion for fishing because of him & it’s always fun to hear the classroom stories when my son gets home from school each day!

  3. I would give it to my daughter, Ms. Meredith Taylor. She is a phenomenal preschool teacher who is always going out of her way, and her pocketbook, to make learning fun for her 3 year olds!!!

  4. I would give this to my daughter so she could thank all of her H.S. teachers who helped her along the way and got her to the “finish line” of Graduation Day! Yay!

  5. I would give this to Mrs. Harrell who is 78 and teaches Social Studies at the local high school! She loves her students and truly needs the $100.

  6. I would love for my team teacher to win this as she starts a new journey next year teaching in Illinois.

  7. I would love to give this to my teaching student Ellie!! About to enter her JR year and I know she would use the money towards her class projects and assignments! Future teachers for the win!!
    Love you Laura!!

  8. I would give one to my best friend teacher colleague, Jenny Qualls, who makes each day brighter. She is an amazing Library Media specialist and a great teacher to know. She has a big impact on the students at our school. She is deserving and amazing!

  9. I would give it to either my wonderful para or one of my kindergarten team members, Traci, Lisa or Abbey!

  10. I would give this to my partner teacher Mr. Johnson. He is great to work with and a natural teacher. I’m so proud of him graduating this year!

  11. I would give the card to friend and former mentee, Lauren Hong! She’s a young teacher and mom of two who gives so much to her kindergarten classroom! She’s an amazing mom and teacher!

  12. I would give both gift cards to two different teachers Jay Miller and Julie Sacos-Francis, both are incredible educators who spend a lot of their own personal money on supplies. Both could use the gift cards for the up coming school year.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  13. I would love to treat 4th grade teacher, Megan Kreitlein! She goes above and beyond to make learning fun (especially READING)! One of my favorite things that makes Mrs. Kreitlein one of the best… she sponsors an after school book club, “The Page Turners,” twice a week. They read and discuss various books and do awesome activities to extend learning.
    Mrs. Kreitlein also uses technology daily to encourage her students and motivate continued learning. She’s taught her students to use programs such as Canva to create unique ways to share their love of books and reading.
    Mrs. Kreitlein deserves this gift and more! I want her to know that others notice the awesome things she does to make learning fun and how much she’s appreciated for it!

  14. I would give a card to my lead Para-educator. I do not know what I would do without her. She is amazing, and makes my job so much easier. She is a wonderful advocate for the students we serve.

  15. I would love to give this card to our new 4K teacher. She is working so hard and doing an amazing job.

  16. I would give the card to my best friend Kortni. She is a great special needs teacher and this would be a great gift to treat her with!

  17. I love Kwik stiks! You’re always so creative. I would give them to my sons teacher because she is always looking for creative ways to make learning engaging and fun!

  18. I would give the gift card to my teacher friend, Tiffini! She has been a blessing to me ❤️

  19. We love our daughter’s first teacher her prek teacher ms Martinez. She has made school so much fun for my daughter that she absolutely loves school! She has made school so much fun for my daughter!

  20. I would give it to one of the teachers I work for (Ms Cathy. I’m one of the supports in her classroom). She has inspired me to love a new job and I can’t thank her enough for creating a classroom I want to be in every day.

  21. I’d give the gift card do my aide because I couldn’t do my job nearly as well without her! She is an amazing friend and hard-worker who doesn’t get paid enough!

  22. I would love to give this to my daughter’s teacher, Mrs. D. She has had a positive impact on my daughters self esteem and confidence in reading this year.It has been a joy to watch my girl excited to go to class. I know personally Mrs. D is caring for her sick husband and still showing up and keeping the energy high in the classroom while I’m sure feeling emotional and physically exhausted. Would love to add this to her teacher appreciation gifts as she is simply the best!

  23. I would give to my grandson’s teacher, Mrs. B. She has been so patient and supportive this year as he transitioned to a new school. She has taught for over 30 years. She makes school fun and engaging.

  24. I would gift this card to my son’s college & career readiness teacher. She’s been a great help to him and his entire senior class this year.

  25. I would give one to the newest teacher on our team. I remember how many things I wanted but couldn’t afford when I first started teaching. It would be so much fun to bless her with an awesome gift card.

  26. I’d give this to my daughter. She teaches 5th grade and is a wonderful caring teacher!

  27. I would love to give it to my 4th grader’s teacher because he is on and IEP but she has made a huge difference in how well he has been doing and she has a lot of patience because he is a chatty one.

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