Magic Rainbow Wands for Kid Crafting with Fairfield World

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Magic Rainbow Wands for Kid Crafting with Fairfield World

I seriously cannot think of a better reason to craft than to make a difference for another human being. These magic rainbow wands are so simple to create. The kits  can be dropped off at a local hub where kids gather. Some ideas are a kid club, a hospital or a camp. These rainbow wand kits were made to drop off at Give Kids the World Village. It is my most favorite place to make a difference for kids in central Florida.

This is the village where kids with critical illnesses can stay with their entire families for a week free of charge to create memories and find peace in their worlds that are often inundated with doctors, therapies and bills. A huge thank you to Fairfield World for sponsoring this post and making this donation possible. It is thanks to great companies like the makers of Oly*Fun that I am able to do many of the thinks I do at this level of giving.

Magic Rainbow Wand DIY Craft for Kids

Material Needed for Making One Rainbow Wand

The one inch eye hooks are the easiest size I found to get in to the ends of the dowel rods.  If you are putting the eye hooks into the kits not already screwed in, it is a good idea to have a tiny hole drilled to make it easy for a child to get it inserted.

Directions for Making Rainbow Wands

Step One

Screw the eye hook into one of the ends of the dowel rod. This is the most difficult step in making magic rainbow wands.

Magic Wand Eye Hook

Step Two

Next, cut strips of Oly*Fun in the colors of the rainbow (or any color combination desired) approximately 1/4 inch wide by 36 inches long.

Step Three

Line the strips up and tie them together in the middle with the twine.

Step Four

Use the two ends of the twine to tie the rainbow through the eye hook to complete the wand.

The magic rainbow wand is a great project to do at a birthday party or a craft station at a school fair.

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TWO MORE Awesome DIY Kids Craft Kits

Best Kids Craft Kits DIY

My two Team Creative Crafts partners each made amazig DIY craft kits for Give Kids the World Village too. If you are making kits to donate, you might want to make these also.

Oly-Fun No-Sew Butterfly Finger Puppet by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Additionally, Lindsay made kits for these adorable butterfly finger puppets. I love that they can be made in a variety of colors. The fact that they don’t require any sewing makes them perfect for the youngest of crafters.

Enchanted Mushroom Felt Sewing Kit by Creatively Beth

Also, Beth created the most darling enchanted mushroom craft based on the carousel in the middle of Give Kids the World Village. This is a fabulous project for older kids and parents who could use a calming activity that makes a great memory piece.

Seven Reasons Kids Should Be Crafting

Practice Fine Motor Skills – Many craft projects require the use of fine motor skills to cut, tie knots, paint, color and even apply glue.  Crafting provides a great opportunity to work on fine motor skills while creating works of art.

Build Self Esteem – Through the process of creating a craft project, a child works through a series of steps to make a masterpiece. The success of completing steps and having something wonderful to show for it has proven to build self esteem.

Create Community – Many craft projects that are done by kids in classrooms or groups collectively create a larger work of art.  For example. When a group of kids create individual pumpkin crafts – once put together they have a patch. This creates community and inclusion.

Build Social Skills – While actively crafting, often times the fears and worries of talking with others subsides and children (of all ages) find themselves to be more social with those around them,

Promotes Individuality – Craft projects should allow children the opportunity to put their own style or mark into their work. There need to be choices available to successfully promote individuality.  Some of these choices include picking colors, crayons vs colored pencils, cutting vs tearing paper and outlining.

Encourages Self Expression – Often times children will express their feelings and thoughts through simple drawing and works of art. Encouraging kids to draw in their journals and add their own elements to projects sometimes offers a release of feelings.



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