Easter Bunny Collage Art with Newspaper

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Easter Bunny Collage Art with Newspaper

Creating art for the seasons is so much fun. Of course, creating a bunny is good all year round in my opinion. Kids love the opportunity to mix it up with paint and other items like newspaper, papers and embellishments in their artwork.  I whipped these eggs and this painted/collaged bunny print up in about and hour or so.  It all depends on the drying time as you work. This newspaper Easter bunny collage art with painted eggs is a darling and fun project

Easter Bunny Collage Art

DecoArt makes great products. I love using their Americana paints because not only are the paint colors splendid but the application is awesome too.  They are thick and creamy which makes them super for use on wood and paperboard.  The DecouPage Matte is a perfect consistency too for both of these surfaces

Supplies and Materials

To get started, you will need the following materials and tools:

Steps to Create an Easter Bunny Collage Art

Start by painting your canvas or board.  Paint the top half blue and the bottom green.  Let them dry.   If you want a little white wash through the blue and green, you can use the mixture explained below lightly painted over the colors.

While the paint is drying, cut a bunny out of newspaper using the free provided pattern. You can download and print it. It would be fun to color too.

Next, mix 1/3 white paint to 2/3 warm water then sponge paint your bunny.  Allow it to dry completely.

Next, paint a thick coat of DecouPage on your canvas/board.  Then add the bunny and paint over top of it to make it become totally a part of the board.

This is the super fun part.  Let’s make a pink bunny tail out of newspaper. Add pink paint to the mixture in your glass container.

Wad up some newspaper and saturate it in the mixture then place it on a surface to dry.

Add the pink wad of paper for a bunny tail using your favorite adhesive.  It is so cute.

You can display your final masterpiece on an easel or hang it. It is such a darling way to create something special for the spring holidays and season.

Painting Eggs

These paperboard eggs came from the local craft store. Painting them to match is really a great idea because then you can create a whole holiday display.

By using the pretty colors from the bunny masterpiece, the eggs will complimentary pieces to the painting.

Add a little of the white mixture too them too then once they dry,  cover them with a thick painted coat of DecouPage.

They are darling displayed in a basket that has open space to see inside between the wire or mesh.

I love this project.  It is easy peasy so great for beginning crafter and kiddos too.  It would be great in a classroom environment or at a Girl Scout meeting.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for day four of 2018 DIY Easter ideas and projects.

Easter Bunny Collage Art for Kids

Another Easter Painting Project For Beginners (Or Kids)

This bunny canvas is a great one to do with beginning painters and kiddos. It can be done using a variety of DecoArt paint colors so would be fun for Easter and even an birthday party craft project.


Why Painting with Kids is a Good Idea

Painting with kids is so much more than a craft project or simple activity. It is a way for kids (of all ages really) do many very important things.  Here are some fabulous reasons to get kids painting.

  1. It helps them convey ideas and share.
  2. Painting gives kids an opportunity to express emotions — even ones that might be hiding deep inside.
  3. It uses several senses to paint and through that kids make connections.
  4. Exploring color, the process and the outcomes teaches cause and effect.
  5. When kids made handmade masterpieces, it boosts confidence.

Preparation Steps for Painting with Kids

One of the biggest factors in creating successful paint crafts with kids lies in the prep. Here are four things you can do to prepare for a great time crafting.

  1. Expect a little mess. Prep your area knowing that paint can spill, drip and splatter. Cover your work are with kraft paper before starting.
  2. Provide aprons for the kids. If you don’t want to but them, they can wear old adult sized shirts as aprons.
  3. Have paper towels nearby and ready if needed.
  4. Know the dry time of the project before starting.  If there are several steps, there might be a dry time involved. Have a puzzle or activity on hand to do during that in between time. You can grab free ones here on the blog.

Cheers to Bunnies and the Easter Bunny Collage Art!




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