Perfect Square Turkey Throw Pillow

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Perfect Square Turkey Throw Pillow

This perfect square turkey throw pillow is a great way to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.  It took abou an hour and it was pretty simple.  This is a great project for a beginning sewer ready to step it up to add a little personality to a project.  I love how cute it turned out and how darling it is on my couch right now as I type up this post.  For me the biggest problem when it comes to sewing pillows is getting the corners to come out perfect.  The Throw Pillow Corner Template   I love how easy it is to use and how it works to create great results.

Supplies Needed for Turkey Pillow

To make this pillow, you will need these supplies and materials.

  •  Throw Pillow Corner Template
  • 2 pieces Kunin Premium Felt (Cashmere Tan) and Scraps of Black and White for Eyes
  • 6 Inch Fabric Squares in Red, Yellow, Orange and Brown
  • Scrap of Yellow Fabric for Beak
  • Red Pom Pom Trim for Gobble
  • Sizzix Big Shot Machine and Laura Kelly Leaf Die (Or Any Leaf Pattern for Feathers)
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins
  • Clover Wonder Clips
  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle/Thread
  • Pillow Stuffing (PolyFil is my FAVE!)

Directions to Make Turkey Pillow

Step One

Start by cutting your cashmere tan felt into two 12 inch squares.  Cut eyes from the black and white felt and a beak from the scrap of yellow fabric.

Step Two

Next, use your leaf die to cut out a leaf in red, orange, yellow and brown as well as four felt leaves from the extra piece cut off when you made the squares.

Step Three

Pin your fabric leaves to felt leaves with straight pins.

Step Four

Use a ZIG ZAG stitch to sew each of your fabric leaves to a felt leaf.

Step Five

Next, lay the leaves out like feathers then sew them together before assembling pillow.

Step Six

Use the Throw Pillow Corner Template on all four corners of the base pillow.

Step Seven

Place your two pillow pieces facing each other inside out with the leaves for feathers inside.  Pin on all four sides then sew around the entire pillow leaving a three inch opening on the bottom. 

Step Eight

Flip the pillow inside out and stuff it with the filling.  Use the Wonder Clips to turn the opening into a closed surface and hand stitch it closed.  Ta Da!  Hand stitch the red pom pom trim to create a gobbler.

Seven Steps to Stuffing a Pillow

  1. Turn the pillow fabric right side out. If you are sewing a pillow, do most of the sewing with the pattern sides facing each other. Leave a few inches open on one side, then turn it right side out.
  2. Pull out a handful of Poly-Fil.
  3. Tease it apart into a fluffy cloud.  This will help eliminate clumping.
  4. Push the Poly-Fil into the pillow, pressing it into the far corners and crevices of the pillow.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4, pulling out chunks of fiberfill that are similar size and consistency. Continue until the pillow is stuffed full.
  6. Sew up the open edge of the pillow with hand stitching.
  7. Squeeze the pillow all over, pushing around the Poly-Fil inside until it distributed to your liking.

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My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.



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