Stained and Sparkly DIY Bead Garland with Unicorn Spit

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I love creating my own decor that is perfect for my home. Pink is my color but because it can be so bold, I like to create subtle ways to tie it in for everyday and all of the holidays. UNICORN SPiT® is a magical art medium that creates the most amazing masterpieces. This Unicorn Spit garland was super fun to create because I used the Egret Ice to make it extra sparkly. Let’s make a pink sparkly DIY Bead Garland!

DIY Bead Garland Stained Pink

Materials and Supplies Needed

These are the supplies that you will need to create a DIY bead decorative garland of your own. The fun thing about this project is it can be done in any color or kept with wood alone.

Directions to Make DIY Bead Garland

This project takes a bit of time as there are several processes that require dry time so plan accordingly.

Step One

To stain your beads the color of your liking, add 1/2 part UNICORN SPiT®  to 1/2 part water in a gallon sized bag. Add your beads and shake them a bit then let the soak for about 15 minutes.

Step Two

Pour the beads out on a bed of paper towels lined in an old baking dish. Let them dry completely.

Step Three

Line the beads up on skewers to paint the Iced Egret on. Use a paintbrush for this step. I poured a bit of the Iced Egret UNICORN SPiT® into a small dish for this step.

Unicorn Spit Iced Egret DIY Bead Garland

When making the DIY bead garland pieces, they will get more and more sparkly and magical depending on how much Iced Egret Gel Stain you apply. I LOVE them!

Iced Egret on Wooden Stained Beads

Let them dry completely. Once they are taken off the skewers, they will still need a little dry time for any parts that were touching or in the middles. This can be done on a clean bead of paper towels.

Step Four

Create one end of a tassel by wrapping cotton cord around something approximately 5 inches wide – nine times. Tie a knot around one end with a piece of cotton cord about 36 inches in length. Do NOT cut it off.

String the beads on the long piece for the DIY Bead Garland of cord until they are all strung. Don’t make them to tight on the cord because you are going to want a little wiggle room when you go to use them in decorating.

Add another loop for a tassel the same way for this end.

Tie cord around the tassels at the tops near where they meet the beads then trim the ends.

It is so super gorgeous and I LOVE it. It came out the PERFECT shade of pink and with JUST THE RIGHT amount of magical sparkle.

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DIY Bead Garland with Unicorn Spit

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