Ten Pirate Party Snacks and Games

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Pirates of the Carribean has ANOTHER movie which is simply fantastic.  I have a special connection to the series because Ryp and I ate at the Disney World restaurant on our honeymoon that is in the middle of the ride and it was so romantic.  I have created a darling felt parrot project (that goes with a snack) and am excited to share it and some other fun pirate ideas.

To make the parrot, you will need Kunin Group felt in bright colors (red, green, yellow, blue) as well as in black and white.  We like to use felt glue (made by Beacon) because it WORKS!  It is so easy.  Cut out the pieces.

Glue them together.

And add some crackers.  Ta Da!

You can grab the printable tag set (along with some games AND the parrot pattern) over on Shop Laura Kelly for all of these fun snacks.  Let’s start with Goldfish crackers as shark bait.  Yum!

Next up, Twizzler nautical knots.

Pirates love a mug of cold juice.

Pudding cups covered in gold (candies from Betty Crocker) are a win.

Nutter Butters frosted green with candies (also from Betty Crocker) make great crocodiles.

We seriously love candy eyes around here.

If you are looking for a fun game, you can walk the plank.  I used an old board to make this.

These two fun games are in the Pirate Party Pack too!

Oh yeah, and the tags!

Of course, if you want the clip art to make your own resources to use with kiddos, you can get that set now in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers.  It is called Pirate Island Clip Art.  There are 75 images for you to use.

Ahoy Mateys, Let’s Party!



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