Pirate Chest Recycled Craft

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Save your next plastic strawberry container and turn it into a pirate chest recycled craft.

DIY Pirate Treasure Chest Craft Recycled Strawberry Container

Grab a package of strawberries and use that awesome self closing container to make darling pirate decor for a party of classroom themed learning event. If you need an idea for the strawberries, try this yummy brownie recipe that turns the strawberries into pretend pretty mushroom!

Materials and Supplies for DIY Pirate Treasure Chest

Directions to Make Pirate Chest from a Strawberry Container


Gather all supplies.  Wash and dry the strawberry container thoroughly.  Tear strips of brown kraft paper and wet them using a damp kitchen sponge.

Attach the kraft paper strips onto the outside of the lid of the strawberry container using decoupage medium and an old paintbrush.  The damp paper will easily conform to the odd shape of the container.

Decoupage damp kraft paper strips to the outside of the base of the strawberry container with an old paintbrush.  Use your fingers to smooth out any bubbles. 


Basecoat the outside of the Treasure Chest with a messy coat of brown craft paint.  Make sure that some areas have more paint, and some have less to create an aged effect.

Apply brown craft paint to the inside of the Treasure Chest using a paintbrush.  This will hid the labels, since they were impossible to remove.


Paint two stripes around the Treasure Chest with gold metallic craft paint.  One on the left side and one on the right side.

Once dry, embellish both gold stripes with self-adhesive black rhinestones.


To finish, paint a scrap of white cardstock with gold metallic craft paint.  Once dry, draw a paddle lock shape with a pencil and cut out with scissors.  Draw a keyhole with pencil and ink it in with a permanent black marker.

Perfect for a fun party craft for a Pirate themed birthday or an afternoon spent getting creative with the kiddos.  This Pirate Treasure Chest is easy to make and even personalize with each kids’ name.  Let your imagination run wild.  The possibilities are endless!

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