UNICORN SPiT® Rainbow Decor Idea

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UNICORN SPiT® Rainbow Decor

UNICORN SPiT® is a magical art medium that creates the most amazing masterpieces. This Unicorn Spit Rainbow Decor was super fun to create because I did it IN THE RAIN! The consistency of the fluid dye made the process really fun and exciting — more so with each new color being added. Rainbows make such cheerful and bright decor to add a splash of color to any room. Let’s make it! Everyone loves a festive, bright and cheery rainbow decor.DIY Rainbow Unicorn Spit

Supplies and Material Needed


Directions to Make UNICORN SPiT® Rainbow Decor

Before getting started, watch this super fun video of the project in the making.

Start by choosing a rainy day when the rain is coming down in a sprinkling fashion as opposed to a shower to make your Unicorn Spit Rainbow. Place the wooden rainbow in the grass and line up the UNICORN SPiT®

Start with the outermost color (red) and work inwards to the middle of the rainbow.  Squeeze the bottles of opened UNICORN SPiT® slowly over the wood surface that you want to share each color. Note that the dye is heavily concentrated and a little tiny bit goes a super long way. The rain will be dripping on the dye and spreading it around as you go which will create a completely unique design.

It is okay if the colors run into each other. I brought it under the porch cover after a few minutes to assess and check out the color distribution then decided to add a little white to make it sparkle.  Next I took it back into the grass and added a few scattered drops of whiteUNICORN SPiT®.

Once the colors have all been applied, let the rain wash them together.  Bring indoors to dry.

If the wood becomes too wet, it might buckle and warp. In the instance that this happens – place a heavy object on the wood when brought indoors for drying. A giant jar of sprinkles works great!

Once the masterpiece was totally dry (as in the next day) – I brought it in and hung it in my studio with some of my other favorite rainbows. The colors on the wall inspire me so much. 

More Rainbow UNICORN SPiT® Projects

My first ever UNICORN SPiT® project was made using wood slices to create a rainbow.  All of the details and directions are here on the blog. This is a great project for first time UNICORN SPiT®users.

Beth over a Creatively Beth used Unicorn Spit to create this beautiful piece. I think it is a perfect accent piece for a bookshelf or a center table.

The UNiCORN SPiT® Story

This is the start of the story. I strongly suggest you hop over to the UNiCORN SPiT®website and read it entirety because it is amazing and empowering.

“As a wide-eyed 17-year-old, Michelle Nicole visited Kansas City from Anthony, New Mexico then permanently moved to Kansas City at 21 to live with her older brother, Tony. Tony owned and operated an adult daycare center in Kansas City, Kansas. This was a place where the elderly and disabled community could go to get out of the house and hang out with other people. 

Michelle soon found herself spending a lot of time with the folks. She found a great deal of joy being around them. Noticing that some folks got bored, Michelle decided to start having arts and craft days. They made several of the basic things you’d expect – macaroni pictures, hook rugs and the like. Michelle took note that the men didn’t seem to participate and just kind of turned their noses to the projects.”

Read the rest!!!

Cheers to Creating Colorful Things!

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