Upcycled Mason Jar Football Dish

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Grab an old jar and a plastic bowl to create a darling football party serving piece.

This project was easy as can be thanks to the amazing E6000 Premium that works like a wonder to adhere plastic to plastic (and even glass).

Materials and Supplies Needed

  • Large Mason Jar (can be glass or plastic)
  • Plastic Bowl (This one is from the thrift shop.)
  • E6000 Premium Glue
  • Acrylic Paint and Paintbrush
  • Clear Top Coat
  • Ribbon (Football Themed is FUN!)


To get started with this fun decorative project, make sure that your jar and bowl and both clean and DRY!

Step One

Paint the jar to look like a football field with a solid base of green acrylic. If the paint is thin, two coats might be necessary. Once the green is dry, add white lines for the yard markers.

Step Two

When the paint is TOTALLY dry (cured) on the jar, add a top coat that is waterproof and can be gently washed with dish soap.

Step Three

This is the most fun step of them all because of the way this glue adheres two plastic (or glass) pieces together. Carefully open the glue by puncturing the seal in the neck of tube using the pointed cap.

Apply the glue generously and directly to each surface to be bonded. Allow to partially cure, approximately 2 minutes, before mating surfaces.

The glue sets fast but will still need ample time to cure. Allow at least 24 hours for curing. Depending on materials and temperature, maximum strength may not be reached for 48 to 72 hours. Since this a piece that will be used to serve food, I recommend the full 72 hours to be sure.

Step Four

Once the E6000 Premium Glue has cured, add a fun ribbon on the neck of the jar at the base of the bowl. Bows are always perfect. Add a dab of the glue to secure it in the back if desired. It will have to dry before using the piece.

It is so fun to use this festive dish as a serving piece for chips and dip. My go-to is almost always tortilla chips with salsa.

Note, after serving this yummy snack, I washed the bowl in a sink of soapy water and let it dry on the counter. It held up PERFECT. I can’t wait to make more decorative bowls for the holidays and upcoming themed events.


To easily remove the cap in the future, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads of the tube before putting the cap back on. Clean uncured adhesive with acetone. Cured material can be removed by either cutting or scraping.

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Go Team!

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