The party closes on Sunday.  We will choose our faves to feature next week!  Fun, right?  Be a good sport and follow the rules.

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Best Patio DIY Projects

Best Patio DIY Projects

Here are some of the best patio DIY projects (some little and some big).  These are were all created with fabulous products from Fairfield World, things that can be found in your local craft store as well as online.  I love to spend tome outdoors, especially in the morning and evenings.  These ideas are great ways to make the patio a living space that is unique to your personality.  I am going to first share the patio project that we did here for my covered deck off of the main dining area.  Using recycled pallets and Cushion Foam from Fairfield World-– my ManCrafts team made a cushioned sofa seat.

Recycled Pallet Sofa for Patio or Deck

You can get all the details on our YouTube channel.

MORE Great Patio DIY Ideas

Best Patio Project DIY Ideas

Enter to WIN a Fabulous Prize to Make Some of the Best Patio DIY Projects

We are collaborating with Fairfield World to give one lucky winner a $100 gift card to JoAnn Fabrics AND a TEN pound box of PolyFil.  You can enter right here on the blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best Patio DIY Projects for Kids

YAY for Creating Fantastic Outdoor Spaces!


Monster Printables

Monster Printables

Monsters are make believe creatures that can become friends when treated with love and kindness, right?  I am excited to share these monster printables that I created in 2015 and just came across this morning.  I never shared them!!!  What?  I was searching for them on my computer because I remember doodling them and wanted to match them up with this awesome popcorn from Almost Famous Popcorn – because creating kindness goodies is my jam!

Almost Famous Popcorn Monster Cookie Mix and Printable

Are they so stinking cute!?  You can download the WHOLE set for free right here.

Monster Printables

How fun is it to use the Almost Famous Popcorn Monster Cookie Mix to fill in the printable?

Monster Cookie Popcorn Art

More Monster Projects and Ideas

Beyond monster printables, weighted plush is a great way to calm kiddos.  This DIY will take you through the steps to make your own adorable little friend. It is a really fun project to make together with kids so that they have an immediate connection.  Grab the directions HERE.

Monster Plush DIY Weighted

Additionally, monster cookies are super easy to bake up a batch.  Get the recipe and try them out.

Monster Cookies Recipe

Also, clay is super fun.  Use Sculpey polymer clay to make monster bookmarks!

This classroom mascot monster doubles up as a tool for creating home to school and back communication.  Get all of the details and see what surprise is on his back HERE.

Monster Classroom Communication Mascot

See guys, monsters are good and fun!  

Cheers and Love,


Free Harry Potter Printables

Free Harry Potter Printables

I am happy to share loads of magical fun with these free Harry Potter printables – all rounded up here in one place for you!  These are all printables that I designed and are scattered around the blog in lots of places and with loads of other magical Harry Potter craft projects.  Furthermore, there are recipes and party ideas in lots of posts so be sure to spend a little time looking around.

Free Harry Potter Printables

DIY Harry Potter Goody Bag

This DIY Harry Potter Goody Bag is perfect for a party or for dropping off the porch of a wizard loving friend.  Fill it with some of your favorite free Hogwarts printables from above and other magical goodies like candy, popcorn, markers and well… well really anything.  There are two great reasons to make this.  Firstly, it is fun.  Secondly, it is even more fun to give away.

To make the bag, you will need a few things.

Supplies Needed:

Harry Potter Pattern for Glasses and Scar


  1. Cut the pieces from the pattern out with felt.
  2. Glue the pieces to the kraft bag.
  3. Fill it with goodies and deliver to a friend.

Free Harry Potter Printables Goody Bag

What’s more fun that working on fun puzzles and games than doing it with your favorite doll.  Grace makes a great Hermione Grainger.

Harry Potter Doll Costume American Girl

Here are three picture steps to make this fun costume using Kunin felt.  The scarf is easy peasy.  Be sure to use fabric glue.

The cloak requires sewing for the arms.  Sew two tubes (4 inches by 6 inches) then stick them through cut holes of a cloak and glue them in place.

Add a little bag too.  Hermione’s bag has EVERYTHING in it!

Additionally, if you are a true Harry Potter fan and are looking for more diy, craft and wizarding world project — then you simply must go check out this post where I have rounded up FIFTY of my favorites.  Lots of them are mine but many are projects created by my blogger friends.  Who knows, you might just hop around and find some new and amazing inspiration from one of my buddies. Go check out the many ideas.

Best Proven Harry Potter DIYS

Happy All Things Magical!




Proven Best Harry Potter Crafts

Proven Best Harry Potter Crafts

This is a collection of so many amazing Proven Best Harry Potter Crafts!  There is a project here for everyone — from simply coloring to working with wood.  Whether your craft is sewing, painting, clay, baking or other — I bet you can find something to create in this blog post!  Let’s check them all out!

Proven Best Harry Potter Crafts and DIYS great for parties and decorations including #painting #claycrafts #sewing #recipes #potions #wands #harrypotter #hogwarts

This magical washers game is over on our YouTube channel featuring Wagner’s FLEXiO 4300 paint sprayer!

Quidditch Style Washers Game DIY

FOUR NEW Harry Potter Projects

For this edition of Creative Crafts, these are my four new Harry Potter Projects!

Harry Potter DIYs Laura Kelly Designs

Magical Crafts from my Creative Crafts co-host Meg at Makeable Crafts

Harry Potter DIYs Makeable Crafts

FOUR Awesome Harry Potter Projects by Artsy Fartsy Mama

This round of Creative Crafts would not have been nearly as stellar without these four amazing DIYs from Lindsay!  She has been a wonderful guest host and we simply LOVE her.

Beth from Creatively Beth’s Fabulous Magical Harry Potter Projects

Beth was out guest host for the last round of Creative Crafts (Recycle Edition) but jumped right in and did FOUR projects this time too.  She’s amazing.

Harry Potter DIYs Creatively Beth

Best Proven Harry Potter DIYS

Best Proven Harry Potter DIYS and Crafts

Hope you are magically inspired!



DIY Wizard Wands

DIY Wizard Wands

Here are three different options for DIY Wizard Wands — 2 that you can eat and one that you can use for amazing Harry Potter party decor or even a super fun easy party craft.

Best Wizard Wand Crafts

Three Wizard Wand Craft Ideas

ONE:  Hand painted and decorative wizard wands are really fun to create as decor or to make as a crafty project at a party.  You can get all of the details for this right here on the blog.

Grab the FREE Wand Word Search HERE too.

TWO:  Licorice wands make a very sweet treat.  Check out the details and get the free WANDS printable label here on the blog too.

Licorice Wands for Harry Potter Party Treat

THREE:  Chocolate Pretzel Wands!  Dip pretzels in chocolate and sprinkles to make delicious wands to eat.

It is the final day of Creative Crafts – Harry Potter Edition!


I LOVE the Book of Monsters journal my cohost Meg from Makeable Crafts is sharing on her blog.

Book of Monsters Journal

Lindsay has been an amazing guest host for this series – offering endless creativity and magic.  Her BINGO game looks like it will be quite a hit.

Harry Potter Bingo

MORE Harry Potter Craft Ideas Beyond DIY Wizard Wands

SPELLS on a printable.  How fun.  Sisters What has this for you download free.

Weasley is our king.  This t-shirt design by DoodleCraft is everything if you are a Weasley fan. My daughter is going to need this shirt in her closet for back to school!

Weasley is our king harry potter funny tee t-shirt diy with Cricut iron on (14)-min

Katie from A Sweet Berry Designs made the most amazing a perfect laser cut Harry Potter bookmark. Check it out on her blog.

Laser Cut Harry Potter Bookmark

Michelle (Michelle’s Party Plan-It) creates the cutest parties and events.  She made a 3D printed keychain!

Harry Potter 3D Keychain

Tomorrow I will be sharing a round up of ALL of the Creative Crafts Harry Potter Edition Crafts plus an awesome giveaway!


Laura (Proud Hufflepuff)

Best Butterbeer Pancakes

Best Butterbeer Pancakes

This the recipe for the best butterbeer pancakes.  These would be so super fun to serve for a Harry Potter themed birthday party meal like the breakfast on the morning after a slumber party.  I also think they would be really fun to serve at a Harry Potter pajama party which could be any time of day!  I used Hungry Harry’s mix because it is gluten free and allergy friendly.  This is such a great idea because it makes it inclusive to kids with special dietary needs.

Best Butterbeer Pancakes for Harry Potter Breakfast

Recipe for Butterbeer Pancakes

Follow pancake mix directions and add 1 C butterscotch morsels.  Cook on griddle.  Add homemade whipped cream with the added flavors of butter extract and caramel flavoring to taste.  Top with chopped butterscotch morsels for extra sweetness.

DIY Ideas for Harry Potter and the Wizarding World

My talented cohost for this edition of Creative Crafts, Meg from Makeable Crafts, is showing you how to make easy peasy potion jars.

DIY Harry Potter Potion Jars with Free Printable

Our fabulous guest host for the Harry Potter Edition of Creative Crafts, Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama, is sharing the most darling mandrakes ever!  I mean they are so stinkin cute!

Mandrakes with Clay

EVEN MORE Harry Potter DIY Ideas

Once again, Beth from Creatively Beth has whipped up another magical project.  Check out her book of monsters.

Harry Potter Monster Book DIY

Ann Butler is sharing these awesome printable labels for making all the spell crafts you can think of.


If you are looking for a fun indoor DIY wizarding game, there is one right here on this blog!

Indoor Wizarding Cornhole Game Build

Laura from Laura’s Crafty life has this super beautiful wreath over on her blog.  I really want it for my door!

Cheers to All Things Harry Potter Crafts!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final round of projects in this edition of Creative Crafts!





Indoor Wizarding Cornhole Game

Indoor Wizarding Cornhole Game AND a Quidditch Washers Game TOO!

Hogwarts Houses Cornhole Game

The directions to make this indoor wizarding cornhole game are over on YouTube. 

The ManCrafts guys also created an awesome game of Quidditch Washers!  Check it out on YouTube too.

Let’s Make the Cornhole Game!

These are the materials and supplies you will need:


I shared the sewing part of this project on YouTube too!  Make sure your beanbags are tiny enough to fit easily in the hole cutouts.

Rules for the Indoor Wizard Cornhole Game

2-4 players/teams – Each team is a different house.

  • Red-Gryffindor
  • Blue- Ravenclaw
  • Yellow-Hufflepuff
  • Green-Slytherin
  1. Take turns tossing beanbags onto board like cornhole.  The player should be aiming for their house color only.
  2. Each turn allows for 4 beanbags to be tossed and the golden snitch.  Each bag that lands on the board scores a point for THAT house which means that every turn offers the chance for all players/teams to score.  Each bag that lands in a hole scores 3 points.  The snitch is worth 15 points when it lands your hole.  The snitch can only score for the playing team.
  3. The first team to 50 points wins!  This number can be adjusted according to how long you want the game to take.

Have a friend who doesn’t want to play….no problem.  They can pretend to be Lee Jordan (friend to the Weasley twins) and play the announcer.

Indoor Wizarding Cornhole Game Build

Check out OVER 50 Harry Potter DIY and Craft Ideas HERE!

Proven Best Harry Potter Crafts

Additionally, if you have a friend who would rather color and do paper games, print some fun from the free printable library and give them something they will enjoy!

FREE Harry Potter Printable Activities Games Puzzles

Cheers to Wizarding!





Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Let’s Make Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Material Needed:

Directions to make Harry Potter Broom Pencils

Start by cutting a piece of the deli paper 12 inches by 3 inches in size.  Deli paper works best because it has a coating that will help make the paper roll easier and the broom top last longer without ripping.

Put a line of Therm-O-Web Easy Tear Tape along the entire length of your cut paper.

Cut fringe the entire length the paper up to about 1/4 inch from the tape line.

Peel the backing off of the tape.

Roll the paper on to the pencil, leaving a bit of room so when the fringe is pushed back, the eraser can still be used.  

The tape is PERFECT for this.  It is flexible while being super strong.

Once wrapped, add some wrapped twine to finish it up.

My Co-host, Meg (Makeable Crafts) is sharing this today on her blog for the second day of Creative Crafts Harry Potter Edition.

Chocolate Frog for Harry Potter Party

Our guest host Lindsay (Artsy Fartsy Mama) has another awesome project today too!  She shared this super cute tutorial to make a pygmy puff.  I LOVE it.  I have a different version here on the blog if you like to make pom-poms!  Check it out here.

MORE Harry Potter Craft Ideas

Rory has taken over the bed and breakfast at the Quartermain House.  Debra is sharing this adorable decor made with felt.

Harry Potter Felt Crafts

LOOK at this awesome planter Candice made from She’s Crafty.  I cannot love it enough.  It is made from a recycled bowl and so so classy!  Get the deets on her blog.

Harry Potter Planter

Are you ready to make a wand AND a cape?  Hop over to Jenny’s Crayon Collection for this crazy easy tutorial!

Beth is back today from Creatively Beth with another fabulous Harry Potter DIY.  She truly amazes me with her never ending creativity and execution on fabulous crafty ideas.  Go check out her printable collections and get ready to use your best coloring tools!


Amy Latta is a Harry Potter fan and friend.  Over on Amy Latta Creations, she is sharing this cut file you can use to make all kinds of fun gifts and party favors.

Until Tomorrow,





Sorting Hat Party Favors

Sorting Hat Party Favors

These totally darling Sorting Hat Party Favors are the perfect way to decorate a table at a Harry Potter party and sort the guests into the four houses — Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.  These would be fun to make ahead of the party and also as a party craft.  This is the first project on the blog this week for Creative Crafts, Edition 2 – Harry Potter Crafts!  Be sure to follow along because there is a TON of DIY magic coming your way, all themed with the Wizard World of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Party Favors

Materials and Supplies Needed:


Start by cutting the cashmere colored felt into two quirky triangles that are identical.  Glue them together along the longer sides with Beacon Fabri-Tac glue.  It will dry pretty quickly.

Felt Sorting Hat Pieces

Cut a wonky circle out that has a diameter of at least the long side of your triangle.  Add little scraps of brown fabric to the top triangle piece and around the edge of the circle.

Glue the two sides of the triangle (where the corners meet) to the circle, using a more than normal dollop of glue on each side.

Let it dry completely then add a tied piece of twin around the hat for extra personality.  Fill the hats with candies in the colors of the houses.

Here’s a little fun printable about the Great Hall at Hogwarts, the room where the sorting ceremony takes place!

Creative Crafts – Harry Potter Edition

Okay, so let’s start this Crafty Party!

My co-host for Creative Crafts is Meg from Makeable Crafts Blog.  Today she is sharing another awesome Harry Potter DIY project with Kunin Felt.  Check out her house garland HERE!

Hogwarts Houses Party Garland

Our Guest Host for the Harry Potter edition is the amazing Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama! She is sharing these fantastic Hogwarts House Coasters over on her blog today.

Harry Potter House Coasters with Heat Sublimation

My dear friend Beth who blogs over at Creatively Beth made the most darling Harry Potter bookmark!  She is sharing a free pattern sheet in her article with all the details so you can make one too!  These would be so cute with the sorting hat party favors in all the matching colors!


Ann Butler whipped up some magical wizard wands.  Check out these beauties over on her blog and get ready to be running to the store to get supplies.

Erica blogs over at Five Little Monsters and gosh, she is so talented.  Can you even stand the cuteness of this little Hedwig.  Grab the tutorial from her!

Hedwig Owl Crochet Pattern with Scarf

LOOK at this shirt!  I LOVE Luna Lovegood so think this is simple perfection right here.  You can grab the deets from Julia over at The Quiet Grove!


Kim over at Crafting Cheerfully is sharing this Harry Potter snow globe card, complete with a free printable.  Go grab it and get ready to send some owl post mail!

Harry Potter Free Printable Snow Globe

Be sure to check back tomorrow!  There will be another whole round of magic.