Valentine Nutella Cookie Treats

Candy Heart on Cookies

If you are in a hurry to make “homemade” Valentine treats, this Nutella cookie recipe is perfect! Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate all kind of relationships from happily ever after true love to friendships. We like to give treats to teachers, neighbors, coworkers and friends so having a recipe that is quick and simple works perfectly. Nutella Biscuits are already the only cookie with a creamy heart …

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Cookies and Cream Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

Whip up a yummy batch of cookies and cream rice krispy treat snacks. Indulge in the ultimately amazing mashup of crunchy cereal, creamy marshmallows, and delightful chunks of your favorite chocolate cookies. Each bite is a symphony of textures and flavors, where the nostalgic charm of traditional Rice Krispy Treats meets the irresistible allure of cookies ‘n cream goodness. Ingredients for Cookies and Cream Rice Krispy Treats This is a …

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Butterbeer Fudge Easy Recipe

Butterbeer Fudge Easy Recipe for Harry Potter Fans Movie Night or Party - Just as good as Hogsmeade Village #butterbeer #fudge #recipe #harrypotternight #party #dessert

Whip up a batch of butterbeer fudge for your next Harry Potter party or movie night. Indulge in the magic of a beloved wizarding world treat with our delectable Butterbeer Fudge recipe! Immerse yourself in the creamy richness of butterscotch and the delightful hint of wizardry in every bite. Our easy-to-follow recipe brings the enchantment of Hogsmeade right into your kitchen, perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings or enchanting any …

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Rice Krispy Clock for New Year Dessert Ideas

Rice Kristy New Year Dessert Clock

Create an easy themed sweet treat clock for one of the best New Year Dessert Ideas! Making themed desserts for the holidays and celebrations is such a fun way to add personality and pizzazz. This rice crispy clock is so easy to whip up and is sure to be a hit with kids and adults. I mean let’s be real – who doesn’t love a good rice kristy treat? Ingredients …

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Soft Christmas Sugar Cookies with Frosting

Soft Sugar Cookies with Frosting

Whip up a batch of delicious soft sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles for Christmas. These cookies are absolutely the epitome of festive delight, with their perfectly soft and buttery texture, adorned with a pillow topping of frosting.  Share the love, share the cookies, and celebrate the season with the sweetest treats around! And of course, add all the sprinkles to the top. Sprinkles make everything simply delightful. Ingredients Here …

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Homemade Reindeer Cupcakes

Homemade Reindeer Cupcake and Frosting Recipe

Bake a batch of darling homemade reindeer cupcakes for Christmas! What is better during the holiday season than making cupcakes from scratch. Sure, there are times when a box mix comes in handy but truth be told, homemade is best! These chocolate reindeer cupcakes are perfect for holiday parties, family get-togethers, and cozy nights by the fireplace. They’re as fun to make as they are to eat, making them a …

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Cookie Cheesecake Grinch Truffles Gluten Free

Whip up a batch of Grinch Truffles for a holiday movie night or the next Christmas cookie exchange. These GLUTEN FREE Grinch-inspired cheesecake bite truffle treats will have your heart growing three sizes with every delicious bite.  Create a holiday season that is a little sweeter with these yummy and easy to make Grinch Cookie Cheesecake Bites. These are perfect to make ahead of time for a fun themed movie …

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Easy Oreo Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

Oreo Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving Kid Craft

Use Double Stuf cookies to create these darling Oreo Turkey desserts for Thanksgiving treats. These are the perfect little treats to make for kiddos. They work great for Thanksgiving celebrations at home and also in the classroom. Kids LOVE to make them too so be sure to include them. This is a great Thanksgiving recipe for KIDS! Turkey Cookie Ingredients If you want to make this adorable Thanksgiving dessert recipe, …

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Pecan Pie Cupcake Recipe

Whip up a yummy batch of autumn goodness with this pecan pie cupcake recipe that is perfect for a Thanksgiving Dessert. Are you looking for a great Thanksgiving dessert idea? These Pecan Pie Cupcakes are crowned with a delicious velvety Swiss meringue buttercream icing that’s simply delightful. Silky-smooth and light like air, it provides the perfect balance to the rich pecan pie filling. Its delicate sweetness complements the cupcake’s nutty …

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