DIY Clay Carrot Keyring

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Create darling marbled clay keyrings and jewlrey pieces in any shape with Sculpey Bake Shop clay and a mini cutter.

I love all things carrots so OF COURSE need to have a key ring in my fave shape and colors for the spring season. They are super easy to make and go with all of the festive spring fashion pieces.

Supplies and Materials


Start by setting up your work space. I like to work on the silicone work mat that comes in the Mega Activity Set. It provides a perfect surface for mashing, molding and cutting clay. It is also nice to have baby wipes nearby for cleaning off hands in between colors.

Step One

Open the 2 oz clay packs and cut off one bar from white and two bars from orange. This will be the amount of clay needed for the marbling process to make the pattern for the carrot part of the jewelry piece.

Step Two

Hold the three pieces of clay in the palm of your hand and make a fist around them to warm them a bit. Roll them together into a ball. To get more of a marble effect, break the ball in half and press into two flat pieces then roll back into a ball again.

Step Three

Put the ball of clay on the silicone mat and press it gently to flatten a little. Use the roller tool to roll clay into a slab about 1/8 inch thick.

Step Four

Use a small cutter to cut out a shape. For this stick pin piece, use a round cutter.

Step Five

Do the same steps marbling some green with white clay together then using the same cutter to only cut the green carrot tops. Cut off any excess when done.

Place the tops on the carrots and gently press together then poke holes as close to the top as possible without threatening the strength of the piece.

Step Six

Bake on a cookie sheet at 275 degrees for 13 minutes. For more detailed baking directions using Sculpey Bake Shop, I recommend visiting their blog!

Once the clay comes out of the oven, let it cool completely. It is a nice finishing touch to add a painted layer of gloss glaze. Let it dry.

Step Seven

Then add your jewelry finding to complete your piece. The carrots could be made into earrings or charms.

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