Make Your Own Worry Pets

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These easy to sew worry pets are a great anxiety buster for kids.

Lots of kids (of all ages and grades) tend to struggle with worries or anxiety, especially with the beginning of a new school year. These darling Worry Pet Plushies are little enough to fit in a pocket or the desk. The insides are stuffed with poly-pellets which will provide comforting sensory input. They ease anxiety when rubbing between the fingers. They can be made with any fabric but of course, the softer – the better.

How to Make Worry Pets in a Few Easy Steps

Supplies and Materials Needed

My Favorite Sewing Supply List

These are the sewing supplies that I keep on hand at all times. They get used over and over again and again in so many of my projects.

Free Printable For Worry Pet Friends

If you plan to make these adorable pets to give as gifts, here is a fun free printable you can use to go with them.

Direction to Make DIY Worry Pets

These directions are very simple, making this a great project for a beginning sewing project. This would be a good project to make in bulk to sell at a craft fair too. Keep reading for a free printable with a really cute poem to go with the worry pet if giving it as a gift.

Step One

Start by tracing an 8 inch circle onto the fleece. I used an embroidery hoop for this but any circle would work. Your worry pets could be any size but this works nicely for putting in a backpack or a desk.

Step Two

Pin two pieces of fabric together and cut around the circle.

Step Three

The eyes need to be attached BEFORE sewing the worry pet together. Use a pen to mark where you want your eyes to go taking note that there will be a 1/2 inch seam around the edges. So basically, put your eyes in a little further.

Cut tiny holes where the dots are then get your eye front ready to stick in the hole. This particular eye set has different colors of back that can be added. They have holes and slide right on the screw part of the back of the eye.

Push the screw part through the hole from the FRONT and then snap the back piece on the back side


Pin the circle with the eyes to the other circle – with the eyeballs facing INSIDE. Sew around the edges leaving a half inch seam and an opening in the bottom to flip and stuff.

Step Five

Flip the worry pet rightside out and fill it with a combination of Poly-Pellets and stuffing. Other things that can be used to give it different weights and feelings are Glasslets and rice. Pin the opening and stitch it closed.

Adding Hair

If adding hair is desired, It should be added BEFORE the sewing. Tie yarn pieces together in a knot and pin to the top edge. Make sure ALL of the yarn is INSIDE before sewing.

The handmade worry pet has texture from the filling, the fleece and the hair.

More Anxiety Buster Ideas

Here are a few more really great ideas for busting up anxiety and soothing worries in addition to making worry pets. These stress balls made from balloons are easy and fun to create.

Keeping a journal is always helpful too. These are fun to make and create a great place to write and share feelings and ideas.

Back to School Journals ThermOWeb (1)

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DIY Make Your Own Worry Pets

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