Teacher Gift in an Apple Paint Can

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I loved being a teacher.  I loved learning alongside my students and growing more and more each year.  I really LOVED getting gifts from the kiddos.  They were always beaming with joy when they handed me their presents.  This is an idea to give a teacher gift in an apple paint can, a hand painted can that looks like an apple!  I know, crazy fun!!!  One of the best things about it to me is that is uses a can that I grabbed from Ryp’s trash pile!  He was ditching it because it has a LITTLE rust on the lid.

Paint Can Turned into Apple Gift Container

This is what I used…


And here is how I made it!

  • I painted the can with Duncan acrylic paints, red on the bottom and green on the top.  I also painted the lid and the handle green.  I painted the spool of thread brown.  Then I let it all dry completely.
  • While it was drying, I cut out two big leaves from decorative papers.
  • Once it was all dry, I added the leaves and the spool with Aleene’s Tacky Glue and added a little twine cord around the stem.
  • I made the teacher’s name on a tag with white card stock and a marker to add to the handle


Ta Da!

Teacher Gift Paint Can

There are so many fun things you could put in this jar but if you are wondering what I would have loved most…stationery!


If you hammer it shut, I would suggest giving the opener too.

Cheers and Happy Creating and Happy Celebrating Educators,



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