Girl Scout Patch Resin Coasters

Resin Coasters DIY With Girl Scout Patches

Use your extra Girl Scout patches to create resin coasters filled with memories and meaning. It never fails that there are always extra patches in the Girl Scout bag. This is a fantastic way to use them in creating something that can be used in the home. Every time the resin coasters are pulled out to put drinks on – the patches inside will inspire conversations about magnificent troop memories. …

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DIY Stickers at Home To Build Self Esteem

Let’s make some DIY Stickers at Home to Build Self Esteem I love this project so much because creating and writing in journals is my jam.  When girls create I AM… statements, they simultaneously tell their brain to start believing them as if they are truths.  Writing in a journal allows one to share with themselves their thoughts, ideas and feelings.  Sometimes writing is a chance to let things go. …

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Easy DIY Wood Peg Gnome Dolls

Easy DIY Wood Peg Gnome Dolls I am so excited to share these adorable little dolls because not only are they totally adorable for little home decor but they are also perfect for pretend and play activities. Gnomes are magical little creatures that are legendary for guarding the earth’s treasures. Personally, I think they are super adorable and I love them and all of the stories that surround them. Creating …

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Best Tie Dye Ideas for Fabric and Other Materials

Great Tie Dye Ideas

Best Tie Dye Ideas for Fabric and Other Materials There are so many ways to add color to all the things using dyeing techniques with fabric, paper and even edible goodies. Creating masterpieces of art and customized fashion with the awesome tie dye kits that are easily available is so much fun. Did you know there are lots of other ways to make things colorful and creatively designed with tie …

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Recycled Jeans Bracelet with Twine or Cord

Recycled Jeans Bracelet with Twine

Recycled Jeans Bracelet with Twine or Cord Everyone loves a good recycling project when it comes to those favorite jeans that have worn out beyond wearing. This fashion statement is a fun one because it is simple and fun while creating something unique and trendy. This is a great crafty project to make with your friends or your Girl Scout troop. There is something magical about having the opportunity to …

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Girl Scout Jewelry Making Badge Craft With Resin

Girl Scout Jewelry Making Badge Craft With Resin My Girl Scouts love to craft and make all the things, especially jewelry. It started out with friendship bracelets when they were Brownies. Once they got a little older we ventured into harder things like hand stamped jewelry and beading.  As Junior Girl Scouts, earning a Jeweler badge is possible. One of the ideas is to turn everyday things (like a bottle …

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