Dr. Seuss Pillow Reading Buddies

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Dr. Seuss Pillow Reading Buddies

These Dr. Seuss Pillow Reading Buddies are great little companions for young readers.  The magic of the Thing One pillow and Thing Two pillow is that they can be stuffed with PolyFil to be lightweight or PolyPellets to be like a beanbag.  Immerging readers often practice reading by doing aloud so why not have a little reading buddy to be a listener. They make adorable home or classroom décor too.  This post is sponsored by Fairfield World but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Cat in the Hat Dr Suess Pillow Pattern

Materials and Supplies Needed

Cat in the Hat Pillow Supplies

Directions for Cat in the Hat Pillow

Start by cutting two pieces of white felt using the free downloadable Cat in the Hat pillow pattern.

Add red ribbon as stripes and pin in place.

Next, sew the ribbon to the front piece of felt and then trim the extra edges off.

Sew the two pieces of white with the front sides on the inside, leaving a two inch opening for stuffing. Flip the hat rightside out and stuff with PolyFil.  If you want the bottom weighted, add some PolyPellets in the bottom.

Hand stitch the opening closed.

Directions for the Thing One and Thing Two Pillow or Beanbag

Begin by cutting out two red pieces of felt using the free downloadable pattern. Next, cut out three layers of fringed hair. This should be 4 inches wide by 5 inches tall with the fringe for each layer a little different in placement of cuts between each piece of hair.

Place the three layers of hair facing DOWN towards the bottom of the Thing and pin in place. Pin the other red piece on top.  Sew across the layers of felt, locking the hair in place then remove the pins.

Next, Sew around the edges, leaving a 3 inch opening for flipping and stuffing or filling. 

Flip the Thing rightside out and stuff the hand stitch closed.

If desired, hand stitch on a Thing 1 or Thing 2 decal.  I made these on my Cricut machine with iron-on vinyl using an old t-shirt.

Aren’t they super adorable?

Ten Ways to Use Beanbags with Kids

If you opted to make your Things into beanbags, let’s put them to use.

Thing One Dr Seuss Bean Bag

Here are 10 ways to use them at home or in a classroom!

  1. Place a bean bag in front of a working student who is demonstrating good work habits (quiet, on task, etc.)  Move it around as fitting.
  2. Tape a number to the bottom of the bag. Everyone says a number. The one closest to the number gets to do a special job (line leader, wash brushes, etc.)
  3. Pass the bean bag around while in a circle.  Each student shares one thing when they have the bean bag that relates to your current lessons.  Once they have gone, they stand up.
  4. Place photos of the students on the floor.   Children take turns tossing the bag on a picture. Then they have to say three nice things about the student in the photo.
  5. Use the beanbag like musical chairs in a circle.
  6. Send the beanbag home each night with a different student and a journal.  Have them write about a special place in their room where they kept the beanbag over night.
  7. Make a number board and have the students toss three bean bags onto the board and add up the numbers they land on.
  8. Use the beanbag to hold down papers that are handed in for homework.
  9. Estimate the weights of the beanbags then weigh them and compare numbers.
  10. Make a list of all the things that could be used to fill a beanbag.

More Dr. Suess Crafts and Printables

Truffula trees represent the promise of regrowth.  This post has some fun ideas for ways to teach kids about the environment through another Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax.

Truffula Tree Pretzel Treats

Make some Cat in the Hat cupcakes of the Things and grab free printable puzzles too.

A book that I love by Dr. Seuss is My Many Colored Days because it helps kids of all ages (even adults) learn to deal with their feelings. There is a post here on the blog with a free printable book and ways to use the book to teach kids about colors and feelings.

Dr. Seuss Craft for My Many Colored Days

McElligot’s Pool is one of my favorite’s. This post has fun ideas for younger kids including free printables for graphing and using imagination as a tool.

Cheers to Dr. Seuss!


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