Hufflepuff Iron On Letter T-Shirt

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Create a custom letter t-shirt with HeatnBond and your favorite fabric.

Materials and Supplies Needed

This project requires an iron but note that a heat press would also work great!


The first step is to design the shirt. For this one, I wanted an old school style letter t-shirt with a quilted touch. This same project could be done with one large piece of fabric for the letter cut-out or multiple pieces sewn together to make a large piece.

Step One

Use the pattern below to cut out the letter H from your fabric. If it is multiple pieces sewn together, make sure it is ironed FLAT and any excess fabric from the sewn together pieces is cut away on the back. When cutting shapes from a pattern, my preferred method is to use straight pins to hold the pattern in place then cut around it.

Once cut out, remove the pins.

Step Two

To add a background color, pin the cut out “H” to a larger piece of fabric the cut around it, leaving however much extra width of color desired.

Step Three

The next step is to apply the HeatnBond to the fabric. To do this, Cut a letter H the size of your final fabric designs by pinning it to the GREY side of the HeatnBond UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive For Dark Fabrics! I chose the DARK Fabrics Adhesive because I was using black fabric on a black t-shirt.

Step Four – Applying Design to Shirt

Carefully remove the pins and IRON the fabric designs to the HeatnBond following the directions in the packaging. This works with a regular iron but could also be done with a Cricut Heat Press.

Remove the white backing from the OTHER side of the HeatnBond and carefully place your designs on the T-Shirt EXACTLY where you want it to go.

Iron grey side DOWN to T-Shirt. Iron it in place, again following the directions in the packaging.

The final designs doesn’t have to be sewn to the shirt. The HeatnBond will hold it in place. However, if you want a stitched look, it is okay to add stitches.

About HeatnBond Ultrahold for Dark Fabrics

HeatnBond Ultrahold for Dark Fabrics is a roll of paper backed, iron-on, no-sew, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without the need for pinning. Ultrahold’s no-sew bond is stronger than traditional fusible webs. The solid sheet adhesive means edge to edge coverage for appliqué shapes on quilts, wall hangings and attire without puckering or bunching. Draw or print directly on the paper backing to easily design appliqué pieces!

FREE Printable Pattern

Grab the free H is for Hufflepuff printable pattern to download and print. If you are from a different house and want that letter, comment and let me know. Being a PROUD Hufflepuff, I created this in order to make a special shirt for me. I would be happy to show your house some love too.

Grab the printable!

If you like the badger shirt that Beth is wearing in front of the castle, grab the free pattern to make that one!

Lindsay created a really fun Hufflepuff shirt using HeatnBond too! It’s on her Artsy Fartsy Mama blog!

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