Watercolor Collage Carrot Decor

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Watercolor Collage Carrot

It sure has been a gorgeous spring weekend in Denver.  It will probably snow storm again a few times before summer but this weekend’s been perfect.  I cleaned like a crazy person then decorated for spring and Easter.  We have a lot of carrot decorations but gosh, I felt like I need a new one to add so I whipped up this watercolor collage carrot decor.  Making things that mix up the tools and supplies is what I love most. Using the Creative Station to make the watercolor into stickers and that was prettttty awesome.  This post featuring watercolor collage carrot decor is sponsored by Xyron (Makers of the Creative Station) but the ideas and opinions are my own.

Watercolor Collage Carrot Decor DIY Spring Easter Project


Okay, let’s make carrots!  Start by painting a piece of watercolor paper with orange and greens.  Let it dry.

Cut a carrot and a carrot top out of cardboard.  You could use the back of an old memo pad or a cereal box!

Cut it up into pieces, separating the orange from the green.

Feed your pieces through your Creative Station, turning them all into STICKERS!  When it comes out, there will be a sheet over the top.  Peel it off and your stickers are ready to use.  If you are making this with kids, this might be a step that uses a grown up helper to keep from wasting the cartridge of sticker paper.

Cover your cardboard pieces with the sticker watercolor cutouts.  You might need to cut some down smaller to fill holes.  It is okay if you go over the edges.

Cut around the edges to trim off any excess then glue your top to your bottom.

Add a twine bow and ta da!  You have the most darling watercolor collage carrot decor ever.

I had extra pieces of everything so I cut out a smaller carrot set.

I used the scrap stickers and made a mini carrot then turned it into a card with a watercolor collage carrot.

YAY!  Yay for making things with awesome tools like the Creative Station.  I am very appreciative of Xyron for working with me to share projects like this with you!

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