Carrots in the Classroom Free Easter Printables for Learning

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Carrots in the Classroom Free Easter Printables for Learning

It is no secret, I am pretty crazy about carrots. These Free Carrot Printables for the Classroom are super fun. I have created lots and lots of projects with carrots and shared many of them on my blog.  This post is especially designed to share ways to use carrots in the classroom.  From math and science to language arts, these ideas could be used to create a unit or a “Day of Carrots” with kiddos. These free Easter printables are such a great way to learn and grown at home and at school.

Carrots in the Classroom Free Easter Printables

Printables with Carrots

This word search is super fun. You can download it free and print it to use at home, in the classroom or add to the Easter Basket.

Roll And Cover Game Free Printable

This fun math game is fun to play with two kids in a center or a group of 4.  Each kids gets a sheet and objects to cover the carrots.

I made these carrots with Sculpey Bake Shop clay for kids.  They roll a die and if they can cover a carrot, they do.  They pass the die around until someone has all of their carrots covered.  You can download this sheet FREE. It is a great addition to free Easter printables for kids.

SCIENCE Project with Carrots

There are so many ways to science experiments and projects with carrots in the classroom Here are two that I love. Both work great with the STEM sheet which is another fun free printable you can download.

Growing Carrots

Did you know that carrots will grow green tops once the bottoms are cut off.  Simply cut the bottoms off and place the carrot tops in shallow water.  This is a fun activity that allows a chance for observations to be made in a science journal over a period of days.

Sink or Float

Carrots sink in regular water but float in salt water.  Isn’t that simply wild. This is another fun experiment to do and discuss the difference between the two waters.


Carrots offer a variety of ways to teach mathematical skills to kids.  I love this one for simple counting.  I used my carrot die from the Nutrition Set that I designed for Ellison Education to make the carrots.  I used my Lemonade Alphabet Lower Case die to make the numbers.  Simply glue the carrots to a large piece of paper and allow the kids to number them from 1-5 and then paint green tops to match the numbers.  I love the acrylic paint colors from the Apple Barrel collection by Plaid.

Carrot Guided Drawing and Art Project

Grab all of the directions to teach a guided drawing art activity of this darling carrot.

Guess what….there is another page to add to your free Easter printables in that post too.

If you would like to buy my CARROT Classroom pack, you can get it in my Laura Kelly Classroom Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Carrot Math TPT Cover

Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later!  Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Learning With Carrots Free Easter Printables

Carrot Crafts

Best Carrot Craft Ideas

Carrot Crafts are some of my favorites to make.  The colors green and orange are just so perfect together.  Here are eight that I think you will really love.  The cool thing about crafting is that once a project is made and the technique learned, it can be applied to making tons of other creations with different themes.  This rocks because it translates to all of the decoration ideas, holidays, seasons and celebrations.

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