Twine Flowers DIY on Spring Wreath Decor

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Twine Flowers DIY on Spring Wreath Decor

Spring is such beautiful time of year thanks to nature and the wondrous things that happen outdoors. From flowers blooming in fabulous colors to birds chirping in the warmer weather – it is the perfect time to create some home decor. Working with things I already had in the studio and around the house, I made this fantastic piece to put on the door and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to show you have I tied two wreaths into one using hemp cord from Hemptique and also an easy twine flowers DIY. these flowers could be used a ton of different ways. 

Twine Flower DIY

Free FLOWER Printable

Grab this free flower printable to color. It would make a great greeting card to to color and send to a friend in the mail.

FREE Flower Coloring Sheet Printable

Materials and Supplies Needed

One of the things I love most about the hemp cord is the way it stays wrapped tight when you pull from the inside of the coil. It is like magic in comparison to working with tangled twine, yarn or cord.

Twine Flowers DIY

These are really simple to make but take quite a bit of patience. Because when working with hot glue, each step has to cool before the next one is taken. For each flower, you will need a button. I chose these pretty wooden ones to pull out the wood of the outside wreath.

Start by cutting hemp cord (4 strands) about 3 inches long and bending it in the center. Apply hot glue to the center of the button and place the ends in the glue. Let it cool.

Do this several times until you have the amount of petals that satisfies you.

They are so gorgeous added to a wreath. They could also be added to candles, photo frames, vases and so many other things. This twine flowers diy could be used in a multitude of ways.

Spring Wreath Decor

Use the twine (again in 4 strands) but this time cut pieces that are 10 inches long. Tie a knot in one end.

Tie the stand (with the knotted end close) to the inner wreath. Wrap the rest of the length around the outer wreath bringing it back to the knot and tying the two wreaths together. Add a knot to that end too.

Do this four or five times around the wreath to have the middle wreath secure in the center.

Add your twine flowers to the wreath. You could add two or as many as you would like.

Twine Flowers DIY

More fun ways to craft and create DIY projects with Hemp Cord

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Which of these fun ideas do you like best. Comment and let me know!

While you have the orange hemp cord out, go ahead and make a string art carrot. I have all of the directions written up with you including photos.

Reasons to Decorate Your Home

There are so many great reasons to decorate your home.  The decor determines the mood and the feel for your family and all who enter. It is a form of expression.  A home that is well decorated can lower anxiety and create a sense of ease and peace.  Different rooms can have different vibes determined solely by the decor — from the colors to the furniture to the accent decor.  Here are my top five reasons to decorate your home and invest in the process.

  1. A well decorated room creates a space for healthy living including the atmosphere as well as the functionality.
  2. Decorated spaces can promote well being, creativity, better rest, etc.
  3. It is fun.
  4. Home decor can change with the seasons, the holidays, and the times. It is a way to update style.
  5. There are no rules to home decorating. Your home is unique to you and your family.

Twine Flowers DIY on Spring Wreath

YAY for Wreath Spring Decor and Making Twine Flowers.






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3 thoughts on “Twine Flowers DIY on Spring Wreath Decor”

  1. Your twine flowers are soooo pretty, simple and so creative! I think they would be pretty as a gift package embellishment. I like to put different embellishments on my gift boxes. You could coordinate the colors of the hemp to match the wrapping paper on the package. They would also be cute to use a little jingle bell in the middle instead of a button for a Christmas gift package embellishment. The possibilities are endless!!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful and easy idea!!!! Have A Great Day and God Bless You!!!!!!

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